The Top Henna Brow Salons in the World

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Top henna brow salons world


It is getting more popular worldwide! Henna brow salons continuously provide thousands of people with their dream glamorous eyebrows without the need for a daily application. It is a truly exciting experience you can get whichever country you are in and you might be the next one to share your henna brows story!

People swear on the beauty of getting henna brows. If you are one of those who wake up thirty minutes early every morning just to take time in filling up your eyebrows, then you no longer have to continue that routine. You will enjoy a full night’s rest without anything to worry about concerning your eyebrows when it is hennaed!

We can all agree on how important eyebrows are in our day-to-day appearance. A set of full and defined brows that suit your face shape can truly transform how you look. It enhances your beauty and gives you that presentable appearance no matter where or what event you attend. You can save a lot of resources with henna brows. You can start giving up on buying your weekly supply of expensive eyebrow pencils and powders, you would be able to save a lot of time without the eyebrow routine, and henna brows will also keep you from the frustration of always putting in the effort to make sure your eyebrows look symmetrical and not former best friends!

If you have never tried venturing on henna brows yet and would like to yet you do not know what salon to exactly trust your eyebrows with, do not worry! This article will introduce you to the renowned and top salons worldwide which guarantee the ultimate experience you will want all the time.


How To Decide Where To Get Your Henna Brows Done


How To Decide Where To Get Your Henna Brows Done

Before you immediately decide on which salon to visit, there are just a few things to note to make sure that you get the best experience for your eyebrows. After all, you would not want to end up having your appearance ruined because of a botched set of eyebrows. Since there are numerous eyebrow salons worldwide, it is necessary to know how to identify which ones to go for which will certainly get you the service you have paid for.

1. Products The choice of henna brow products is extremely important. Henna brows are expected to last on the skin and eyebrows for 2 or more weeks and there must be consistency in terms of color, vibrancy, and fullness.

Some products may cause more harm than good, so it is wiser to opt for reputable salons that go for organic henna brows with zero harmful chemicals.

 2. Staff Ensure that it is an eyebrow professional that will do the service for you. A professional eyebrow expert can see which eyebrow color and shape suits your face the most. If your eyebrows need other more treatments, a professional would be able to give you the best advice.
3. Service Clients most likely go back to salons that offer great services. The way their experience is cultivated by a particular salon is a great factor that drives them to become their loyal customer.

A great service is mainly comprised of friendly and approachable staff.

4. Atmosphere An environment that can make you comfortable throughout the beauty treatment is a sure plus. If you are a first-time henna brow client, you might feel nervous about what is going to happen. However, with a calm and friendly atmosphere, this will surely help you relax and let the professionals take care of your eyebrows.
5. Facilities and tools One of the important things to achieve a very desirable pair of eyebrows is the equipment. Does the salon have a complete set of tools for henna brows? Would the salon be able to provide you comfort with a suitable beauty bed during the entire process?
6. Environment Since salons use certain chemicals, you do not want to get exposed by inhaling substances especially if you are pregnant. Go for salons that are well-ventilated and well-lit. Hygiene should be factored in as well. Beauty should always go along with health.
7.  Price Affordability is another thing to look out for when choosing the most suitable eyebrow salon. The price of a henna brow beauty treatment should complement the quality of service. Even though several salons offer cheap eyebrow services, it is still highly suggested to go for the reputable ones. Do not go for the cheap and untrusted ones.
8. Reviews In looking for eyebrow salons, it cannot be denied that the first things we look for is the rating and the reviews. You can learn a lot about a particular salon just by reading what other previous customers have experienced during their beauty treatments. An excellent rating is truly a good indicator of a good eyebrow salon.





Top Henna Brow Salons To Check Out

No matter where you are, getting your henna brows is no longer that difficult. With its popularity spreading worldwide, thousands of potential clients start to search for reputable beauty salons that can give them the ultimate eyebrow transformations. To aid you in your venture, below are some of the top salons in all major countries which are worth visiting:

Sublime Eyes


Henna Brow Award USA Angel Eyes


Located in West Hollywood, California, Sublime Eyes is considered to be the top choice of many including several Hollywood celebrities like Black Chyna, Jaime Clayton, Mindy Kaling, and Janice Dickinson. It is home to the number one eyebrow professional expert, Angel Cisneros, who is, at the same time, the founder of this renowned beauty salon.

This is where you can get excellent henna brows and other eyebrow procedures that are meticulously done to suit each client. Its several years of experience shows on every outcome which leaves every customer with a smile and satisfaction from their perfected hennaed eyebrows.


Top henna brow salons world Sublime Eyes


Sublime Eyes crafted innovative henna brow products that contain zero harmful chemicals which are perfectly safe even for pregnant ladies! Its Angel Eyes henna brow line comes in several colors which are the Dark Brown Brow Kit, Carmel Brow Kit, Natural Black Brow Kit, Medium Brown Brow Kit, and Sienna Brown Henna Brow Kit. These colors are not limited as you may mix two products to produce a more desirable henna brow color.

What is even more exciting about the Angel Eyes is that they can perfectly go well no matter the skin tone. White, tanned, fair, or black, you will never go wrong with Sublime Eyes’ Angel Eyes henna brow collection. Moreover, if going to the salon does not fit your schedule, you can just simply click and order Angel Eyes henna brow kits which can bring you a salon-quality experience at home.

You may also get your micro blading experience here as well as eyelash extensions, microcurrent facials, and permanent makeup. The salon’s number one priority is to provide a worthy beauty experience that will elevate the confidence of those who seek youth and charm.


The Brow House


Henna Brow Award Canada Angel Eyes


A Toronto-based eyebrow salon “The Brow House” started providing a top-notch experience to eyebrow lovers in Canada in 2005. This place recognizes how important it is to have a well-kept, luscious-looking, and well-defined pair of eyebrows that are always on-the-go. Being economical through ditching traditional eyebrow products and replacing them with a more modern and practical beauty method is one of the many goals of eyebrow treatments and you will surely find yourself getting this benefit through visiting The Brow House.

Here you will be assessed before your eyebrow transformation. Its professional staff will look at your face shape and width, arch placement, eyebrow symmetry, and natural eyebrow lines, as well as hair pattern and growth. These are the major components that base your future eyebrow outcomes. Not only does this salon concerns about the results after every procedure, but it also aims to monitor the progress of every client.


Top henna brow salons world The Brow House


The Brow House is an expert not just in henna brows but as well as in other eyebrow services like growth stimulator, brow shaping maintenance, eyebrow tinting, eyebrow lamination, brow grooming for men, micro-blading, and shading. All services come with affordable prices and a worthwhile experience too! If you are in Canada, The Brow House is the go-to place for your eyebrows.


The Beauty and Brow Parlour


Henna Brow Award Australia Angel Eyes


Headed by Hasan Zaman, this Australian parlor provides all sorts of exquisite beauty services including eyebrow tinting. It works with several business partners that provide excellent products for the benefit of The Beauty and Brow Parlour clients, giving them a one-of-a-kind beauty experience.

This salon also just newly anticipated the release of its very own brow cosmetics products which occurred last February 2020! It only wants the ultimate satisfaction and well-deserved excellence for every client. As a matter of fact, due to its high-quality service, The Beauty and Brow Parlour is not only aimed to be renowned in Australia but as well as in New Zealand.


Top henna brow salons world The Beauty and Brow Parlour


One more thing that needs to be emphasized about The Beauty and Brow Parlour is its eyebrow tinting. Its professional staff recognizes the importance of having rich-looking eyebrows. It is the modern trend that entails a modern treatment! As our activities start to demand more of our time, it is much better to look for better alternatives that can save us a few more minutes in making our eyebrows look presentable.

The Beauty and Brow Parlour can work on various eyebrow states whether they are light-colored, sparse, too thick, barely there, or unkempt. The staff can quickly diagnose which color would work best for you and even if you have your eyebrow color preference, this place surely has a wide range for you to choose from! The eyebrow tints dye the hair and skin and last for up to six weeks.

Having darker eyebrows has never been this easier with The Beauty and Brow Parlour. For only $12, you no longer have to purchase expensive eyebrow pencils or eyebrow pomades for the next one and a half months!


The Lash Chapter


Henna Brow Award Singapore Angel Eyes


Sculpting eyebrows using henna brow products is growing trendy as well in Singapore! The Lash Chapter is the nation’s expert when it comes to various eyebrow and beauty treatments. No wonder why it has been deemed an award-winning salon and the immediate place to go to for eyebrow grooming for many known personalities such as Zoe Tay, Jeanette Aw, and Sonia Chew.

The Lash Chapter boasts of its natural eyebrow alternative that may last from 2 to 4 weeks. Many clients have expressed their extreme satisfaction regarding henna brows because this beauty procedure has saved much of their time and money. Not only does The Lash Chapter make sure that your eyebrows look full and well-defined, but it also ensures that the product being used will promote strength for each of your eyebrow strands.


Top henna brow salons world The Beauty and Brow Parlour


If you are in Singapore and you are in need of a reputable eyebrow salon, this is definitely the place worth visiting. No matter what skin type you have, you will absolutely experience getting your dream pair of eyebrows that need not any retouching every single day. The Lash Chapter guarantees health, safety, and beauty at affordable prices, services, and offers.

You can visit its branches either in Central, West, or East of Singapore or check out its website to make an appointment.


Beauty by Amanda Huynh


Henna Brow Award London Angel Eyes


Founded by Amanda Huynh, the Beauty Salon continues to strive in the industry of beauty especially when it comes to offering eyebrow tinting services. With the help of her experienced team of professionals, this salon keeps on making numerous clients happy with their semi-permanent eyebrows which last them about 1 to 2 weeks with consistent color and vibrancy.

The Beauty salon is located near Kew Gardens in the UK. It has also been awarded as the “Top-Rated” salon for three years already, so if you are in the UK, there is no more need to wonder which salon to go to. Beauty is simply one of the best places where your eyebrows can be transformed glamorously without any risk.


Top henna brow salons world Beauty


This place caters to its clients’ best interests and provides remarkable professional eyebrow and beauty services. It aims to give you the most natural eyebrow look using safe eyebrow products that will make you more appealing and youthful no matter how old you are. You will also get professional advice and suggestions regarding what eyebrow shape suits you the most and which color.

The Beauty salon continues to make people experience the convenience of getting their eyebrows tinted. You will save a lot in time and financial resources and eyebrow tinting is an excellent gateway as well before committing to permanent eyebrow treatments such as micro-blading.


Glowy Beauty Bar


Henna Brow Award Germany Angel Eyes


Located in Mitte Germany, Glowy Beauty Bar started granting Berliners their dream beauty transformations in the year 2016. The services include eyebrow tinting which is really huge help for a lot of men and women who wish to enjoy a beautiful set of rich and full eyebrows that are low maintenance.

Since German women, based on other people’s observation, wear less makeup when compared to their other European counterparts, eyebrow tinting is found to be a non-overpowering semi-permanent makeup that would not look too harsh and unnatural. This makes it to be the best beauty option not just for Germans, but for anyone who wants their eyebrows to look boldly attractive and natural.


Top henna brow salons world Glowy Beauty Bar


Glowy Beauty Bar is the best place to relax after a week of hard work and a little indulging of oneself in eyebrow beauty treatments is not too bad at all. You can also pamper yourself with their other offered services at affordable prices and you will get to experience the professional artwork of its very approachable and friendly staff. You can always pair your eyebrow tinting with some nail treatment as well in a perfect weekend outing with friends.


Brow Studio


Henna Brow Award Dubai Angel Eyes


Specializing mainly in semi-permanent makeup solutions, Brow Studio is certainly the best place to get your eyebrows sculpted and tinted! This award-winning salon which is based in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai is certified from PhiBrows Academy and is duly licensed under the Dubai Multi Commodities Center Authority. With these credentials alone, you can certainly agree that going here will give you a once-in-a-lifetime eyebrow experience.

Brow sculpting in this salon lasts for 1 to 2 weeks and opting for this place would give you the treatment which includes shaping, tinting, waxing, tweezing, trimming, and filling. The procedure itself and the outcome of it are truly worth it. Your eyebrows will surely stand out with a more defined shape and color that no longer needs any filling.


Top henna brow salons world Brow Studio


Brow Studio makes sure that every client is serviced by passionately talented artists that can provide excellent beauty services. It also cultivates customer relationships to make sure that every single beauty lover that visits the salon would be able to maintain their youth and allure for a longer period of time. Consultations are free here and it also provides home services which are very convenient nowadays.


Angel Beauty Lounge


Henna Brow Award Italy Angel Eyes


Using only the highest quality of henna brow products, this Rome-based beauty salon proves to be the perfect choice for everyone. Angel Beauty Lounge targets client satisfaction especially when it comes to full and natural exquisite eyebrows. This beauty hub’s team of professional beauty experts will carefully assess your facial features and give you genius advice regarding what shape and color will most likely suit you.

Of course, it also respects client preferences, so whatever color you want for your henna brows, this salon will make sure that they provide you with the best outcome you have in mind. Indeed, eyebrows play a huge role in the face. It is one way of showing your current expression if whether you are surprised, happy, sad, or confused. It also promotes a younger appearance which can be benefitted not only by women but also by men.


Top henna brow salons world Angel Beauty Lounge


Angel Beauty Lounge wants what is best for the people of Rome and even of those who visit the place. With so many tourist attractions there, you will most likely not have much time to spend in front of the mirror every day. To fully enjoy the Rome experience, getting henna brows right away will make you ditch your traditional eyebrow products. You will be ready to go every after waking up and your time to enjoy the scenery will no longer be lessened by your beauty routine. Angel Beauty Lounge is definitely the best place for henna brows.


Elana Jade


Henna Brow Award Japan Angel Eyes


Elana Jade is a Japanese beauty salon in Tokyo that promotes the use of organic products that improves the holistic well-being of the client’s skin. This is also one of the many places where you can get your eyebrows tinted through high-quality service and eyebrow tinting products. With its professional staff, you will truly enjoy a calm and soothing way of eyebrow transformation.

Elana Jade uses natural tints that will effectively make your eyebrows darker without being unnatural. There are a few factors they seriously consider before finally choosing which color and which eyebrow shape will most likely complement your overall appearance. Generally, eyebrow tinting will last for up to 4 weeks. It’s a pretty good deal for only 3,000 yen!


Top henna brow salons world Elana Jade


Eyebrow tinting is the best semi-permanent makeup alternative for those who are frustrated by routinely drawing on your eyebrows. This is also a better choice for those who can’t keep their hands off their brows which can smudge off the brow product. Luckily, with eyebrow tinting, the consistent color strongly stays on the skin and brows. Elana Jade is the best option to get not just the eyebrow experience, but as well as other beauty treatments you think your body needs!


Nepaline Beauty Salon – Jana Indienne


Henna Brow Award France Angel Eyes


This beauty institute in Paris continues to serve the esthetic needs of many women. Just stepping inside this salon will immediately make you feel the spark of warmth and comfort. Its team of beauty professionals is surely able to give you the worthy pampering and transformation you deserve. Nepaline  values natural beauty and prefers to enhance your features rather than overpower them with beauty products.


Top henna brow salons world Nepaline Beauty Salon Paris


Among all the available services, eyebrow tinting can be considered a good startup in the venture of youth. Your romance with your significant other will be on the next level when your eyebrows get more noticeable and capable of expressing your emotions in this city of love. Eyebrow tinting dyes not just your eyebrows but as well as the skin beneath them. The color pops and lasts for several weeks giving you a full pair of rich and thick eyebrows.




Henna Brow Award Mexico Angel Eyes


Henna brows can also be done in Bezalu which is located in Mexico City. This salon uses high-quality and natural henna to dye its client’s eyebrows making them luscious and have an eyebrow effect. Going organic keeps everyone who wishes to have their eyebrows hennaed from reactions that can potentially put health at long-term risk.

Bezalu caters to different eyebrow conditions such as partial to bushy, sparse, and light-colored eyebrows. It also fixes horrible eyebrows which are a result of a bad beauty procedure. Bezalu’s henna brow line has 7 colors enriched with hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complexes, and antioxidants which promote the growth of healthy eyebrow strands.


Top henna brow salons world Bezalu


Their henna lasts on the skin and brows for 5 to 7 days which will depend on the aftercare. Looking for a nice beauty salon in Mexico is no longer a task after hearing about Bezalu! It is one of the best options when it comes to making your eyebrows look more appealing.


Final Thought Top Henna Brow Salons in the World


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right salon or parlor is one step to getting the henna brows you dream of. The ones listed above are just a few of the salons that are worth trying for whenever you travel overseas for your specific beauty needs. Simply remember all the things to look out for before deciding which salon will best provide your expectations. All those will potentially contribute to your satisfaction regarding the outcomes of your eyebrow feature.


The Top Henna Brow Salons in the World


Henna brows are indeed gradually transforming our way to beauty in a more practical and money-saving method. Your time is valuable and routines such as fixing your eyebrows in front of the mirror are very time-consuming. This concerns several women and even men who are conscious about going out with bad or unfixed eyebrows. Henna brows will surely save you from all the hassles.

The process of this beauty treatment, if you may ask, is also quick, easy, and without pain. Some may take 20-30 minutes and you will instantly see a different but upgraded look when you face the mirror. Simply put, sculpting eyebrows has never been this easy and long-lasting. This eyebrow transformation is achievable and affordable! Get your perfectly thick and well-defined henna eyebrows. Either visit your nearest reputable eyebrow or beauty salon or opt to intentionally go to the listed ones above.

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