The Difference Between Take Home Henna Brow Kits and Going To the Salon

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The Difference Between Take Home Henna Brow Kits and Going To the Salon


Although the process of doing henna brows is simple, many are worrying if whether doing it at home provides the same quality as having the eyebrows done at a salon. The dilemma is reasonable as there are indeed a few differences between take-home henna brow kits and salon henna brows. Either way, both options offer convenience in several ways.

The art of sculpting eyebrows takes a long time to perfect. We all can relate to the times when we had a set of eyebrows that were too thick, too dark, and were badly shaped. Thankfully, time taught us to relax and take a break from using brow pencils and offered us one of the best beauty alternatives instead through eyebrow tinting which is more commonly known as henna brows.

Henna brows have become the most sought out beauty procedure that easily transforms your face to a higher level of attractiveness. Thick and luscious eyebrows signify youth and beauty and it is indeed true. A nice pair of eyebrows can dramatically change your overall appearance and with henna brows, you’ll have the same consistent eyebrows for several weeks!

However, the real question asked by most eyebrow lovers like you is: Is it better to do henna brows at home or the salon? To answer your question, this article will help you further inspect the differences between both options, so keep reading to find out!


The Benefits of Getting Henna Brows


The Benefits of Getting Henna Brows

Henna brows, with the use of the right product, is the epitome of practicality. It is one way of getting your desired set of glamorous eyebrows that do not fade or vanish after a wash. It has numerous benefits for people who want to step up their beauty game.

Considering the affordability and convenience of henna brows, this is perceived to be the best eyebrow option anyone could ever have if they wish to transform their beauty. It is also less risky compared to the permanent eyebrow tattoo, however, if you wish to have the permanent one, henna brows are the best gateway for that.

Hennaing your eyebrows are the most suitable for several reasons:

  • It saves you time as the tint stays and lasts for up to 2 weeks.
  • You get a consistent eyebrow look and shape for the entire duration of the henna brow.
  • Henna improves hair growth and acts as a skin moisturizer.
  • It gives you a fuller and richer eyebrow look.
  • It is less risky compared to tattoo eyebrows.
  • A good start before committing to tattoo eyebrows.

Undeniably, henna brows offer a lot of advantages to people who want their eyebrows to look perfect. It creates the best illusion for a fuller set of eyebrows that last not for a day, but two weeks. Imagine how much time you can save with henna brows!


Angel Eyes: The Most Trusted Brand for Home or Salon Henna Brows


Angel Eyes: The Most Trusted Brand for Home or Salon Henna Brows

When it comes to henna brows, nothing beats the number one eyebrow expert! Angel Eyes guarantees that your expectations for your dream henna brows are turned into reality. Its years of experience catering to the various eyebrow conditions of clients ensure that you too will experience having the finest set of brows.

Its team of professionals will make sure that you get exactly the kind of eyebrows you want. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people choose Angel Eyes. Even Hollywood celebrities frequently visit Angel Eyes to get the eyebrows worth flaunting for in front of the cameras.

The high-class quality eyebrows not only come from the type of service Angel Eyes provides. The number one reason why their skill of hennaing eyebrows stands out among other salons is because of the product being used.

Another good news about this brand is that it allows you to do your henna brows in the comfort of your home. It is a great way for you to practice your eyebrow henna skills without getting intimidated by the process. Angel Eyes henna brow products are very manageable to work with.

Not only that, but Angel Eyes also uses organic materials that warrant positive effects on your brows and skin even if you are pregnant! Angel Eyes believes that achieving beautiful eyebrows should not mean risking your health.


When Is the Right Time To Do Henna Brows at Home or Visit the Salon?


When Is the Right Time To Do Henna Brows at Home or Visit the Salon?

Hennaing your eyebrows at home is not the same as having it done at the salon. Despite the clear differences, both options still offer a wide variety of advantages. If done right, a quality henna brow product can successfully transform your eyebrows no matter where you choose to have it done.

Despite the high chances of getting excellent eyebrows at home or the salon, it is still important to know what suits your situation the most. To understand clearly the advantages of each situation below is a table that will help you decide which one is better for you.

If you choose to do henna brows at home, making sure that you use the right product, the following will be the possible advantages:

1. Enhances your henna brow skills Doing henna brows by yourself helps you develop confidence from it. It can also be the start of a new beauty career.
2. Saves you from service fees If you are on a tight budget, but still want to have quality henna brows, doing it at home is a much better option. You only need to buy the best product to make it happen.
3. You can do it anytime If you do not have much time to visit the salon, doing it at home is more convenient especially if no one is there to look after your kids.


Meanwhile, if you feel more at ease having your eyebrows hennaed at Sublime Eyes Salon, then these are what you’ll most likely experience:

1. Guaranteed, professional-looking henna brows Sublime Eyes’ team of professionals is experienced in the beauty industry. No matter how your eyebrows look, you will be assured that you get your dream henna brows.
2. Proper prepping before henna brows will be performed Sublime Eyes knows exactly the process of doing excellent henna brows that do not fade right away. If you are unsure about the whole eyebrow henna process, visiting the salon is highly recommended.
3. Useful advice from professional brow experts Inquiries about henna brows are best addressed by Sublime Eyes’ team of professionals. Whether it may be about a suitable color for your eyebrows or the aftercare procedures.

Either you want to henna your eyebrows yourself or choose to go to a salon, the truth is, it does not really matter. Each has its advantages. The real discussion boils down to what product or brand would you want to go for that will work excellently on your eyebrows.

Choosing the right quality product is a vital part of the process of henna brows. Looking for one is not an easy thing to do as a plethora of henna brow products are continuously sold in the market with sky-high promises that often disappoint clients. However, now that you are reading this, your long search is finally over!


Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit: Offers the Best Salon Experience at Your Home


Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit: Offers the Best Salon Experience at Your Home

When it comes to perfection, Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit is second to none! This is made of organic ingredients that do not harm your skin, and only provides richer-looking eyebrows that last for up to two weeks. What makes it even better is that the product is not difficult to work with even if you decide to do it at home.

You will get the same salon experience at the comfort of your own space. If you are hesitant about doing the henna brows yourself, do not worry as Angel Eyes products can give you a prime henna brow experience at the salon through its team!

Getting DIY henna brow kits saves you a lot in terms of time, cost, and effort. You will no longer have to wake up 10 to 15 minutes early every morning to draw your eyebrows. You can also start saying goodbye to expensive eyebrow pencils or powders and start investing in the more affordable henna brow procedure.

Either you wash your face or swim on the beach, there is no more reason to get anxious about seeing a different face in the mirror. The Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit is 100% waterproof so it consistently stays in place on your skin!

Doing henna brows at home or the salon gives the same results in different ways. Angel Eyes makes sure that its products fit on the different needs of its clients not just in terms of eyebrows but as well as in regard to convenience. In short, Angel Eyes adjusts to your situation!

If you want to do henna brows at home see our latest offers and place your order today to get a salon-quality henna brow treatment from the comfort of your own home!

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