How To Put On Foundation With Henna Brows

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how to put on foundation with henna brows

We all have a different makeup routine that works for us. For most, we do what we are used to and don’t give it a second thought. It may be time to switch up your routine to get better results. Wearing the Henna brow kit do you apply your foundation before or after? Continue reading for the answers to all of your questions and much more.

What Are Henna Brows?

Henna Brows is an eyebrow tinting kit by Angel Eyes beauty defined. Henna brows use tint to stain the eyebrow hair and the skin beneath it to make the brow look more full. This is done when the tint casts a shadow giving the brow depth alluding to fullness where there may have been spaces before. A natural permanent dye is used so that it lasts longer, made from the leaves of the henna plant.


is henna safe to use

Is Henna Safe To Use?

Henna has been used for dyeing hair, clothing, and other fabrics since the ancient Egyptian era. It is known to be safe for your skin or body even if you are pregnant. The only risk is redness or an allergic reaction if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Henna Brows Vs. Normal Timting Normal Tinting              Henna Brows
Lasts On Brows and Hair 5-7 Days Up To 28 Days
Lasts On The Skin 1-2 Days Up To 14 Days


What To Avoid With Henna Brows

Avoid spray tanning for at least two weeks before using a Henna brow kit. If there is spray tan on your skin it will cast a yellow or green glow onto the skin giving the impression of discoloration. It doesn’t matter what brand of spray tan the rule of thumb is to wait for two weeks.


what to avoid with henna brows


Your Makeup Routine

The order in which you apply makeup makes all the difference in the results you get. You could be taking all the correct steps in the wrong order and not get the look that you were shooting for. Once you find the right steps in the right order that work for you simply stick to that routine to maintain your flawless look. Because Henna brows tint the hair and the skin makeup can be applied to the face as long as the brows have been kept completely dry for at least 24 hours after application. Tips For Applying Foundation

The order you should apply makeup:

  • Clean your face
  • Tap moisturizer into your skin
  • Apply primer and let it dry
  • Match your foundation with your body-color
  • Blend makeup down towards neck and jaw-line
  • Apply enough foundation for the event that you are attending
  • Allow your foundation to set

Starting with a clean face is the first step to all skincare routines. Built-up dirt can clog your pores making your face appear dirty and can cause many other skill irritation and issues. Always apply a small amount of primer first and allow it to dry. Primer gives the rest of your makeup a good base and helps it blend correctly. Match your foundation with the tones and undertones of your body color using the jawline as a base point.

Use your favorite makeup applicator to apply your foundation. It doesn’t matter if it is a. Blender or a brush use what you are most comfortable with. Apply enough foundation to be suitable for the type of day you are having. It can be light if you are just having lunch with friends or you may need a bit more if you have an event to attend. Remember to always allow your foundation to set completely.

Avoid These Mistakes When Applying Foundation:

  • Don’t apply makeup to a dirty face
  • Never rub moisturizer into your skin
  • Avoid using dirty tools
  • Don’t wear extremely dark foundation to simulate a tan
  • Never stop your foundation right around your face
  • Avoid caking foundation onto your face
  • Do not skip powder is you are wearing full coverage foundation

You do not want to rub moisturizer into your skin this increases the chances of micro-exfoliating your skin causing small patches of skin to peel away. If you skip primer and go straight to foundation your foundation will smear and not soak into the skin giving a messy look. Using dirty tools can transfer bacteria to your face causing breakouts and sickness.

Try not to follow trends and use certain tools just because other influencers use them. Only use the tools you are comfortable with. Don’t stop the foundation right around your face it will make your makeup look circular and it will not blend naturally with the rest of your skin. Also, don’t cake foundation onto our skin it will not make your look any smoother and looks unprofessional. Never skip powder especially with full coverage foundation. Powder helps tone down the foundation for a more natural look. Dont’s Of Applying Foundation


your makeup routine


How To Put On Foundation With Henna Brows



Clean Your Face


Apply To Sweaty Or Oily Skin


Tap Moisturizer Into Skin


Rub Moisturizer Into Skin


Apply Primer


Skip Primer


Match Foundation With Body Color


Clean Tools Every time


Blend Makeup Down


Allow Time To Dry And Set


Cake Foundation Onto Your Face


Wear Darker Foundation To Look Like You Have A Tan


Stop Applying Foundation Right Around Your Face



More Tips And Tricks To Applying Foundation While Wearing Henna Brows

Create a glowing canvas after cleaning and moisturizing the skin use a hydrating mask to combat oiliness and dryness. Doing this makes the skin look more vibrant. The direction you apply is just as important as what you apply. With the foundation, it is important to start from the center of the face and slowly blend out. When blending in with the rest of the body remember to blend downward.

The method that you use to apply can make all the difference in your finished look. Tap, buff, bounce your foundation on using more of a stagnant tapping movement. Avoid long strokes like you are painting or smearing. For more dimension blend hi lighter into the cheekbone area so, natural light will make your face glow. Allow your foundations to set so that they soak in and look natural.

Make The Most Of Your Foundation:

  • Use a moisturizing mask that targets your specific skin type
  • Tap moisturizer in a circular motion to reduce puffiness
  • Use Primer as needed for all-day wear
  • Apply foundation in the correct direction from the center outward
  • Blend foundation down and blend with the rest of your skin
  • Tap or buff foundation to protect skin
  • Highlighter will bring out cheekbones in natural light

Do what feels right to you, use the cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, and application tools you are most comfortable with. It is natural to want the newest products on the market but if you have found what works well for you stick to it. YouTube and influencers are great when it comes to answering quick questions but you don’t have to change up your makeup routine to mirror theirs. We all have different skin types and levels of oiliness or dryness that need to be accounted for.

Foundation is the key to complete our look on most occasions. The steps you take directly before and after you apply your foundation are just as important as the foundation itself. Makeup can add to our self-esteem but proper skincare will show how we feel about ourselves and the time we take care for our skin. Take your time and use what you are comfortable with when applying foundation while wearing henna brows.


tips and tricks to applying foundation

Why choose Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits

Angel Eyes henna brow kits transform your face and define your look with sharper and more full eyebrows. Created by henna brow expert Angel Cisneros who specializes in microblading, eyebrows, and makeup. Cisneros has worked with Janice Dickinson, Black Chyna, and countless other celebrities. How To Purchase Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits

These henna brow kits are the most requested in Hollywood by celebrity clients. Angel Eyes henna brow kits allow everyone to get that runway look no matter what type of event you are going to. Angel Eyes kist outlast the competition so that you can maintain your desired look much longer.

Angel Eyes henna brow kits provide the opportunity for all of us to look like we just stepped off the red carpet for an affordable price. There are currently five color options to choose from to match your look or give you the ability to switch it up. There is also a CBD brow, lash, and beard growth serum.

Angel Eyes henna brow kits off all of the benefits of brow tinting with all-natural ingredients. They last longer than other brands saving you the time and energy of having to redo your brows every few days. These brow kits are designed for those of us who take our look seriously. We have to wear our pride and confidence on the outside Angel Eyes henna brow kits make it easy.

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