How To Fix Bad Henna Brows?

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How to fix bad henna brows


Henna brows are probably the most practical beauty procedure anyone can ever have. They can last for a few weeks and you only need to have the henna applied once. But what if you are not satisfied with the results? You may apply toner to lighten the pigmentation or buy over-the-counter products, but would they help?

Let’s admit it, you are not ready to go out without making sure that your eyebrows look good. Perhaps we can also submit to the fact that it is one of the most important features of your face. Just go around and ask people how long do they take to perfect their brows.

Some would take a quick 2-3 minutes that is if they already have a full set of defined eyebrows, but you know what, the majority of us invest a lot of time to make sure our eyebrows look symmetrical. Hence, why I consider it to be one of the qualities that are first noticed in a face.

To cut the time spent on making sure you have full and luscious-looking eyebrows, you may go to a salon and have those tinted if not tattooed to see if it will work well for you. Unfortunately, some expectations are against reality. Mistakes happen and the next wise thing to do is to choose the best solution.


Angel Eyes: The Expert on Glamorous Henna Brows


Angel Eyes: The Expert on Glamorous Henna Brows

To decide to get your eyebrows tinted which will last for weeks is not easy. Whatever the results may be, that would mean living with it until the henna goes away on its own unless you decide to remove it using henna-removing alternatives. To make sure you will not be experiencing unnecessary hassles and disappointment, Angel Eyes has come up with the perfect eyebrow solution.

Angel Eyes is home to exquisite eyebrow sculpting that makes sure every client gets satisfaction when it comes to getting the eyebrows done. No matter what kind of eyebrows you have, sparse, undefined, thick and bushy, or thin or non-existent, Angel Eyes can surely grant you your dream eyebrows.

It is not a surprise why many Hollywood celebrities choose Angel Eyes to have their eyebrows fixed or beautified. Angel Eyes continues to be the most trusted when it comes to eyebrows with years of experience that provides the perfect outcome for various eyebrow conditions.

Angel Eyes also recognizes the need to save time when it comes to prepping your makeup for work, regular events, and occasions. Eyebrow tattooing may be a good permanent option, but it comes with a huge risk, so henna brows are a better option.

Speaking of henna brows, Angel Eyes is the right fit for that. Not only does it offer the service of actually doing it for you, but it also gives you the choice to do it yourself at the comfort of your home!


The Eyebrow Nightmare


The Eyebrow Nightmare

We are not new when it comes to beauty disasters such as hennaed eyebrows that are too dark, too thick, or misshapen.  Getting to experience those brow mistakes is haunting!

Nightmare stories about eyebrow experiences with henna spread across online websites and you can see various images showing how unfortunate their facial feature has become. Some had poorly done eyebrows and the others suffered allergy out of the products.

It is extremely necessary to be cautious about what you are getting yourself into especially when it comes to your face and beauty. There are a few things to remember when getting henna brows to avoid unnecessary eyebrow nightmares.

  • Do a patch test to avoid any potential allergy risks.
  • If you are unsure on how to do the henna brows, opt to let a professional do it for you.
  • Check thoroughly the product that you are using. Make sure it does not contain high doses of harmful chemicals.
  • If you want it done by a professional, ensure that the person doing it is reputable.
  • Do not ever resort to untrusted cheap products and services. Know that you will always get what you pay for.

We get that you only want to make yourself look better by starting to get fancy hennaed eyebrows. That is why it is important to choose where exactly to go to or what product should you use.


Why Do People Still Experience Having Bad Henna Brows?


Why Do People Still Experience Having Bad Henna Brows?

The henna brow trend is getting more popular and is more easily accessible these days. A lot of products and salons promise the best quality eyebrow experience yet some fail to reach their clients’ expectations.

Since most do not want to commit to having permanent eyebrows, henna brows become the next good choice for most low maintenance individuals who do not want to spend extra minutes filling in their eyebrows every morning.

The fascinating idea of saving time or seeing the same face in the mirror even after a nice face wash prompted a lot of people to immediately seek this service or product.

Let’s face it, time is dynamic and so is our patience when it comes to getting the things we want. That is why a lot of people ended up having horrible eyebrows!

To avoid getting bad results, take your time in researching what place or product is the best that can give you the eyebrows you have in mind. Do not rush as it can have serious consequences if you choose the wrong option.

The good news is, you have come to the right place!


Three Tips on How Bad Henna Brows Can Be Fixed


Three Tips on How Bad Henna Brows Can Be Fixed

Fixing bad henna brows is very tricky as every case is different. If you think you got botched eyebrows, try not to panic right away and avoid applying certain products to remove the tint off of your eyebrows. This might worsen your condition.

If you experience allergies or see any redness, it is better to consult your doctor right away.

There are three choices from which you can choose from as a solution to your existing eyebrows mistake:

1. Go back to the salon and let professionals fix your brows This gives you the chance that your eyebrows will get fixed, but sometimes, things can still go wrong.
2. Apply toner or over-the-counter products to remove the eyebrow tint This may work in some instances like applying silicone-based makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe it against your eyebrows.


3. Wait for a few days to see if the color will lighten up Remember that eyebrow henna lightens up or fades away right in the first week. Your natural oils and regular cleansing will do it for you though not instantly.


You can try all these henna-brow-removing alternatives to ease you from the anxiety of going out in the public with messed-up henna brows.

However, these do not fix eyebrow disasters all the time. Some may have tried these methods and have worked well for them, but it will not automatically mean that it will cure your case too.

Each eyebrow case is special and different which means every eyebrow mistake requires a certain solution.

But do not worry too much if none of the alternative solutions works for you! Remember that henna brows are only temporary and will just gradually fade over time.

If your eyebrows have been botched because of unsatisfactory henna products or services before, it is time to turn away from those products and salons and start checking out the best of the best.


The Perfect Solution for Fabulous Brows: Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit


The Perfect Solution for Fabulous Brows: Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit

Angel Eyes’ topmost priority is to give you the best and quality outcome when it comes to your eyebrows. We understand how frustrating it is to see a pair of eyebrows that are either too thick or too bold. To give you the dream henna brows you wanted, we give you the ultimate Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit!

This product is a set that contains the Angel Eyes Brow Stain Powder and Rosewater. The paste you create when these two are combined are very manageable to work with. In only 8 to 10 minutes of application, you can instantly get your set of stunning Angel Eyes eyebrows that would last for up to 2 weeks!

If you want it to look bolder and stronger in color, you may just leave the paste for an extra 5 minutes to achieve your more desired results.

Not only does it grant you the best-looking eyebrows, but it also keeps you from harmful chemicals when compared to the other products in the market. This innovation is made from natural ingredients.

You may either have your eyebrows done by our team of professionals or simply do it at home, whichever is more convenient for you.

Angel Eyes is guaranteed to be the best in the industry of beauty when it comes to looking after your eyebrows.

You are only one click away from saying goodbye to disaster eyebrows and hello to a more lusciously rich-looking, well-defined henna brows!

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