How To Change The Shape Of Your Eyebrows With Henna Brow Kits

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change the shape of your eye brows with henna brow

Reshaping your eyebrows can be challenging to say the least, but don’t panic we’re here to help. The shape of your eyebrows is a subtle way to bring out the best features in your face. The smallest change to your natural shape can have significant results a henna brow kit can help you achieve this look in a few hours.

Who doesn’t want to show their best appearance effortlessly? With Henna brows, you will be able to sustain your best shape, shade, and eyebrow look possible.


What Is Most Important When Shaping My Eyebrows?

It is wise to always follow the natural shape of your eyebrows to get your base shape. Fill in gaps as you go you may accentuate the shape but for the most part, stay on course with your natural shape to frame your eyes.

Remember you have options! If your eyebrows are very arched it possible to get them straighter. If your eyebrows are more linear it is possible to add an arch to them. Don’t let what you have to limit your goals for your desired look. Use your natural brow as a guide for how your final results will be inspired. Shaping Eyebrows With Henna


henna brows fill in gaps

How To Fill In Gaps

Henna Brows is an eyebrow tinting kit by Angel Eyes beauty defined. Henna brows use tint to stain the eyebrow hair and the skin beneath it to make the brow look more full. This is done when the tint casts a shadow giving the brow depth alluding to fullness where there may have been spaces before.

This tinting process will fill in any gaps or spaces you may have had. Tinting is the most convenient method of reshaping eyebrows from a financial, time conserving, and quality standpoint.


Are Henna Brow Kits Safe To Use?

Henna has been used for dyeing hair, clothing, and other fabrics since the ancient Egyptian era. It is known to be safe for your skin or body even if you are pregnant. The only risk is redness or an allergic reaction if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Benefits Of Eyebrow Tinting Vs. Other Methods When Changing Eyebrow Shape

Henna Brow Tint




Fills In Gaps X
Adds Definition X X
Facilitates Growth


Able To Alter Eyebrow Shape





Maintain For Weeks Without Touchups




What Shape Of Eyebrow Is The Most Flattering?

The shape of your brow is dependent on the look you are going for. For a friendlier, more inviting look avoid using a point. Focus on the front and blend any hairs going in the opposite direction.

Along with following the natural shape of your eyebrows, you will also want to consider the shape of your face as well. People with oval faces are able to wear more variations of shaped brows. People with square faces are more limited in the shapes of brows that will compliment their faces. Also making sure the brows are not too arched or too straight is important because angle can drastically change a look.

People with round faces need to be aware of how thin or thick their brows are. Ensuring the beginning and tail of your brows are inline between the arch to maintain an even look.

People who have a long face should aim for slightly thicker eyebrows that are not overly arched so that it draws attention away from the length of your face. How To Find The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face



define fuller eyebrows

How To Define Fuller Eyebrows Using A Henna Brow Kit?

Thicker brows require separation to appear more defined. A light trim and detailed brushing should blend unruly brows together for a more cohesive look. If you must trim only clip the longest hairs leaving the rest different but neat lengths.

Defining the arch can be easily achieved by plucking the brows directly below the highest point. There is no need to do too much maintenance near the ends because that is where brows tend the be thinner.

If you are lucky enough to have natural length don’t trim your brows unless they dip further on one end than the other. You always want to finish with a tapering effect giving your brow some flare.

Henna Brows Vs. Other Methods Henna Brows Tweezers Waxing Threading
How Long Does Shape Last 4 weeks 1-2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks



what to avoid with henna brows

What To Avoid With Henna Brows

Avoid spray tanning for at least two weeks before using a Henna brow kit. If there is spray tan on your skin it will cast a yellow or green glow onto the skin giving the impression of discoloration. It doesn’t matter what brand of spray tan the rule of thumb is to wait for two weeks.

Shaping With Henna Brow Kits

When shaping your eyebrows with Henna brows always start at the tip and slowly move inward. Starting at the tip will ensure that the tip will be the darkest area of the brow because the dye will set in here the longest.

When applying Henna it’s best to dab the tint and then fills in the spots as you go. When tinting with thick hair uses a micro swab or cotton swab to work the Henna de into the hair. Using a micro swab will help with any blemish made outside of the intended area that you want to tint.

Outline the area with the paste using a micro swab in the desired shape. Gently and use the Henna brow kit to apply the Henna to the eyebrow and skin in the shape that you have outlined. Let the Henna set into the hair and skin while checking for accuracy.  Henna Brow Shaping And Tinting Tips

Do’s and Dont’s Shaping Your Brows With Henna Brow Kits

There are several ways to properly apply Henna brows and a few things you will want to avoid. Henna brow kits are designed to make the application, wear, and maintenance easy to achieve and maintain.

When Shaping Your Brows With Henna Brow Kits Do:

  • If using tweezers to clean an area use slant-tipped tweezers
  • Outline the area
  • Choose a color slightly lighter than your skin tone
  • Know your angles
  • Be aware of the shape of your face when choosing a brow shape
  • Have great lighting
  • Use short strokes
  • Comb it down
  • Blend
  • Take your time

When Shaping Your Brows With Henna Brow Kits Don’t:

  • Don’t trim brow length
  • Don’t pluck more than one hair at a time
  • Don’t use a magnifying mirror
  • Don’t start in the middle and spread to the ends
  • Don’t ship brows too flat or too arched
  • Don’t fill in everything
  • Don’t try to drastically change the shape of your brows


Tips And Tricks For Shaping Eyebrows

Tint before you start shaping or tweezing. The dye brings out all the fine hairs so that you can more carefully pluck and get the defined shape you desire. Choose a brow color and powder a little lighter than your hair color. Doing this gives you the ability to mix it up and experiment with color and shades. Tinting for those of s with thinner brows is a quick way to achieve the thicker brows that show a more full and defined look. If your eyebrows are thick already make sure they are shaped precisely but not too flat or too arched.


use henna brow kits to shape your eyebrows

Why Use Henna Brow Kits To Shape Your Eyebrows

Using Henna brow kits to shape your eyebrows provides the ease of getting professional brows at an affordable rate. Henna brow allows everyone to attain brows comparable to celebrities. With long-lasting results, you no longer have to worry about frequent maintenance.

Angel Eyes henna brow kits transform your face and define your look with sharper and more full eyebrows. These henna brow kits are the most requested in Hollywood by celebrity clients. Angel Eyes henna brow kits allow everyone to get that runway look.

There are currently five color options to choose from in order to allow you to try different looks, shapes, and intensities. Henna brows were designed with you in mind. Using Henna brows will make your day-to-day routine much easier and more simple giving you time and freedom to take care of your priorities while looking flawless.

Henna brow kits are essential for people who want to show off the shape of their face and the brightness in their eyes. Henna products make your best features stand out by accentuating them. With henna tint being long-lasting when you reapply you can just touch up some areas instead of starting the whole process again.

Henna brow kits were designed by critically acclaimed beauty expert Angel Cisneros, who has had several years of experience in both the beauty and photography industry. Cisneros is known as the “king of brows” and has had the privilege of working with clients such as Black Chyna, and Janice Dickinson. He specializes in assisting clients who suffer from conditions such as alopecia and sparse brows. That is why Henna brows were designed to be a natural alternative to harsh chemicals. Henna products are gentle on the skin and make for all shades, textures, and tones.

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