How Much Does Henna Eyebrows Cost?

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henna eyebrows cost


The widespread popularity of henna eyebrows might sound intimidating and would automatically give an assumption that it is not affordable for many people like you. Surprisingly, “henna brows” is a semi-permanent makeup innovated to suitably provide your need at a reasonable and budget-friendly price. Of, course, the cost of getting your henna brows done at a salon will vary on which city you live in.

Since the daily routine of getting up early to make our eyebrows look more noticeably in shape is becoming a hassle, many people are now searching for other beauty alternatives. Even many celebrities and influencers are browsing on the catalog on what would be a better solution to this case. This is because the trend for bushy and rich-looking eyebrows has raised consciousness for a lot of people and thankfully, henna brows have come to save us not for a day, but several weeks.

Henna brows are insanely convenient for most of us. I can imagine the look of frustration whenever our eyebrow skills do not cooperate especially when there is an upcoming important event on that very day. You may have nice-looking eyebrows today, but tomorrow is always going to be another concern to face. Eyebrows really do play a huge role in our look and a bad set may automatically ruin our day!

Fortunately, with henna brows, you are guaranteed a fresh-looking face every day for 2 or more weeks. It is affordable and practical compared to other eyebrow products. If you are wondering how much do henna brows cost exactly, this guide will give you detailed answers about prices and more.


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What’s the Price for Henna Brows?

The price of henna brow services is affected by several factors. However, this beauty procedure averagely costs anywhere from $35 to $125. The city where the salon is located, the demand for the service, the tools and equipment needed to be used, and the experience of the professional eyebrow artist are just a few of what defines the total price of the henna brows service.

To know the average henna brow service cost in the USA below is a table of some American states with their corresponding cities and the general price of the said treatment:

City, State Average Price
Los Angeles, California $75
New York, New York $60
Chicago, Illinois $60
Miami, Florida $60
Boston, Massachusetts $70
Washington, DC $50
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $40
Detroit, Michigan $35
Dallas, Texas $55
Atlanta, Georgia $45



henna brows cost in the usa


How Much Do Henna Brows Cost in the USA?

The henna brow treatment is one of the budget-friendly beauty innovations nowadays. The dye lasts on the skin and eyebrow hairs for up to 2 to 6 weeks maximum with more time saved from spending in front of the mirror. They are generally safe for everyone as well even for pregnant women. With only $35 as the lowest price depending on several standards, you will instantly get smudge-free and consistently rich-looking and longer-lasting eyebrows.

Let us check out the price of henna brows on some of the well-known salons in a few states:

Sublime Eyes

Stationed in Los Angeles, California, Sublime Eyes offers one of the best henna brow services in the city. It has even created a henna brow kit line called Angel Eyes which is very convenient if you have no time to visit the salon. For as low as $35, you can have a high standard, salon-quality henna brows. Its henna brow kits come in various types which you can choose from Dark Brown Brow Kit, Carmel Brow Kit, Natural Black Brow Kit, Medium Brown Brow Kit, and Sienna Brown Brow Kit which all includes a bottle of rosewater.

Its products are all organic and safe for use. If your patch test is clear, Angel Eyes henna brows are possible even if you are pregnant as it does not contain any harmful ingredients. They work well on various skin tones no matter if you are black, white, or Asian. It also does not get orange after a few days of treatment. Sublime Eyes is Hollywood’s go-to salon when it comes to eyebrow transformation. A truly worthwhile experience at a very affordable price.


Posh Brows and Beauty

Darkening of eyebrows and giving them shape is no longer that difficult when you visit Posh Brows and Beauty for their henna brows service. For only $75, you would be having a pair of luscious and glamorous eyebrows that will last you for up to 4 weeks. This salon is located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Along with henna brows, Posh Brows and Beauty also offers several esthetic treatments for lashes, facial skin, and lips.



One of the best beauty salons that do excellent henna brows service and results in Chicago, Illinois is no other than Fringe. Their eyebrow henna only costs $45 and they use the best products for you. Fringe has been frequently visited by several influential Chicagoland bloggers and many of the clients have very high regard for the service that they have experienced. From the staff to the equipment, and the results of the treatments, Fringe seems to be a salon worth trying out for. This is definitely one of Chicago’s best beauty salons.


City Glow

If you live in the State of Florida and you are looking for an excellent salon that hennas eyebrows, going for City Glow in Coral Gables would be a great choice. Their semi-permanent henna brow treatment is only $33 and the procedure lasts for up to 45 minutes. The products used come from Australia and it stains well underneath the brow hairs.  City Glow makes sure your henna brows have the fullness of your preferred color in a shape that remains consistent for several weeks.


Eye Adore Threading

Found in Boston, Massachusetts, Eye Adore Threading offers a $35 henna brow beauty treatment for every eyebrow lovers out there. With lots of rising individuals aiming to become the new influencers, having thicker eyebrows would be one of the starters for their career. Rich and dark eyebrows transform the entire face in an appealing manner which will make anyone several years younger. Having perfect eyebrows will no longer be a problem after getting your eyebrows hennaed on this salon.


Idolize Brows and Beauty

A wide variety of henna colors are available at Idolize Brows and Beauty in Dallas, Texas which costs about $95. Their henna brows treatment will get you 4 to 6 weeks of consistently dark and defined eyebrows, totally smudge-free, gentle, and safe on the skin. The service includes an assessment of your current eyebrow condition before concluding on what color will suit your skin tone. Idolize Brows and Beauty will give you a full-blown henna brow service and you will not be disappointed!


Brow Bar DC

Washington DC’s one of the best eyebrow salons, Brow Bar DC, offers excellent eyebrow services which include henna brows. Depending on what type of eyebrow treatment you need, the prices range from $65 if you only go for henna brows to $95 if brow shaping is necessary along with henna brows. This place is known to be reputable not just in the beauty treatments they offer to people but as well as the products they use and the quality of outcomes which make the costs of their services to be reasonable.


Kouture Beauty Bar

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kouture Beauty Bar promotes the use of beauty treatments that enhance one’s features. Their services include henna tinting or henna brows which will surely give you a natural eyebrow look. There are extreme detailing and accuracy in doing their services for beautifully shaped and rich-in-color eyebrows.

For $120, Kouture Beauty Bar staff will be creating the right color formula for your eyebrows and they will be employing the use of a brow mapping technique to achieve symmetry and shape.


The Brow Lounge by Jesee

If you are in Royal Oak, Michigan and you have sparse or light eyebrows that need to be darkened and shaped perfectly, The Brow Lounge would be the best choice for your eyebrow needs with their very affordable henna brows service. They have a special promo for this beauty treatment which makes it even more exciting!

If you have a friend who wants to get the ultimate henna brows with you, the service only costs $95 that includes a $5 discount and an extra loyalty card punch. The session lasts for an hour and a half, making sure you will both have a very personalized henna brows look. The brow lounge also has a different henna service which is only suitable for those who already have brown to dark brown hair. It is priced at $20 and the treatment lasts for 15 minutes only. The henna brows treatment lasts for up 2 weeks depending on the aftercare routine.


Flirt N Flutter Beauty

Flirt and Flutter has expanded to Atlanta, Georgia! This salon provides top-notch and worth-mentioning henna brow services along with numerous other beauty treatments. For a budget-friendly price of $35, you will instantly get a glamorous pair of eyebrows. At Flirt and Flutter, they only use organic henna brow products which can last anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. For such a small price for this practical beauty alternative, you will consistently have natural-looking brows great for thin, sparse, or blonde eyebrows.

The final say in choosing the right beauty salon comes from you. There are hundreds of salons that are capable of giving an excellent henna brow service. All the salons mentioned above are just a few to check out if you are living or visiting in one of the mentioned states or cities. They excel well in the beauty industry, they are worth trying for and you will surely not regret getting your eyebrows done at one of these places.


henna brows factored by skin type


Is the Price of Henna Brows Factored by Skin Type?

Thankfully, salons do not consider the skin type a factor for their henna brow services. Although everybody can enjoy the same treatment for the same price, the results after a few days or the duration of the henna brows will vary on the skin type and the aftercare routine. Henna brows generally last longer on people with dry skin compared to those who have oilier skin types.

A skin that overproduces sebum will pose a challenge for those who want to try out having henna brows. This is because the oil the skin produces will have a tendency of fading the dye too quickly. However, with the right salon, professional, henna brow product, and proper or religious aftercare treatment, having henna brows on oily skin will be manageable and successful.

To maintain the beauty of henna brows, those who have oily skin must frequently visit the salon more than those who do not share the same skin type.


What Else Is Included in the Price?

Generally, what happens when you book an appointment for a henna brow service at your preferred salon is patch testing done by the eyebrow specialist. This is made 48 hours before the actual eyebrow henna treatment to ensure that your body will not react to any of the ingredients contained by the henna brow product to be used even if the contents are organic or does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Doing henna brows in the salon also includes other skin and eyebrow preparations necessary for a more desirable result. The preparations may be a combination of scrubbing, cleaning, waxing, and more. This poses a lot of advantages for you as a client if compared to doing your henna brows by yourself at home. Sometimes, a few salons include other beauty treatments as a package or a promo and that would be at a different cost. They will usually make you save more money considering the kind of added procedures you will be experiencing.


What Generally Affects the Price of a Henna Brow Service?

Getting henna brows is more affordable when compared to other semi-permanent eyebrow treatments and the prices vary a lot depending on which salon would you want to go to and what kind of outcome are they capable of giving you. There are several factors that play on the cost of this beauty treatment and it is important that you are aware of what these are:

Obtained Certification on Henna Brows

Although almost anyone can do henna brows as there are numerous henna brow kits available in the market, going to the salon to experience it is different. Having a certificate adds more reputation points not just to the brow artist but as well as to the salon he or she is working on. So, to earn that, many beauty experts add another expertise by learning a new skill which is hennaing eyebrows through a course.

The certificate they get is proof that they are reliable when it comes to the said service and it makes potential clients trust them more compared to those who do not have any. Naturally, since they have dedicated their time, effort, and resources to learning henna brows, the price they would be charging will be more expensive compared to those who are self-taught.


Experience on Henna Brows

The longer the experience of a henna brow artist is, the lesser mistake is going to happen. Learning a skill is different from being a pro at it. Salons that grant really impressive henna brow results are more preferred by many customers which will normally make them become in demand and popular. Of course, a reputable salon will have a portfolio that they can show off to interested clients, therefore, making them more convinced that they have chosen the right place.


Location of the Beauty Salon

Bigger cities charge more expensively for henna brow services compared to the smaller towns. This is because since many people are living in big and busy cities, the demand for the service will relatively go higher, and also rents for spaces are significantly very costly as well.


Tools and Equipment

Another factor that affects the cost of henna brows is the products, tools, and equipment that will be used during the entire beauty process. Most reputable salons strive for excellence, thus giving you an experience by using high-quality materials is a must. Reputable beauty bars go for reliable henna brow products which are usually not cheap to provide you with the more natural-looking and longer-lasting hennaed eyebrows.

The higher the quality and the standard of a salon is, the better and longer the duration of your henna brows will be. Also, if the standard of excellence is consistently being aimed at by a salon, you will have lesser possibilities of risking your health due to allergic reactions and other more serious medical conditions which cheap henna brow products may cause.


Demand and Competition

Some other cities have a higher demand in terms of henna brow treatments compared to others. Population and modernity can be two of the few factors which can have major or minor effects on the level of demand and competition among henna brow beauty salons. Moreover, if there are a lot of salons that offer henna brows all over the city, the price is most likely going to be lower.


Are Henna Brows Really Worth Getting?

Henna brows can save a lot of your resources may it be money, time, and effort. It is a practical method of achieving beauty as it keeps you from spending a lot of time drawing your eyebrows in front of the mirror, keeps you from frequently purchasing brow pencils, and saves you from the hassle and pressure to produce a pair of symmetrical brows. For such a low-cost eyebrow treatment, you have a lot of eyebrow worry-free weeks!

It is no longer new to us the stories of many individuals who struggle with their eyebrows. Some of them would intentionally wake up far too early in the morning to make sure their eyebrows will be on fleek, but with henna brows, you will enjoy consistently shaped and darker eyebrows for a long period. It will even last longer if you properly take care of your eyebrows.

Moreover, henna brows cost less when compared to other semi-permanent make-up services. Compare the price of henna brows to micro-blading. With henna brows, depending on which city you are in, you can get them for only $35, but with micro-blading, it will be around $500 in most beauty salons and that does not include future necessary touch-ups.

You can literally get almost the same micro-blading outcome with henna brows although they differ in effect and style. You are safe with henna brows if you are not ready to commit to a longer-lasting eyebrow treatment such as micro-blading or eyebrow tattooing. Even if you want micro-blading in the future, henna brow tinting is a great gateway for that.


Would It Be Much Better To Dye My Brows at Home?

Doing henna brows at home is very convenient especially if you have a busy schedule and you do not have any time to visit the salon or you have kids to watch for all the time. Henna brows boomed as a trend since 2019 and several brands have launched many DIY henna brow kits for your convenience. As good as it sounds, you still have to be careful when choosing which henna brow kit to purchase. Make sure that it is FDA approved and that you are not sensitive to any of the product’s contents.

DIY henna brow kits may be very practical and cheaper than a salon service, but henna brows at the salon are done in a package. You will experience the whole treatment and the quality of henna brows is most likely guaranteed because a professional brow artist will be doing the whole process for you. You will also have lesser health risks because salons make sure you undergo a patch test 48 hours before your henna brows treatment.

If you are confident with doing henna brows at home, then that would save you a lot from service fees charged by salons. However, being skilled in applying must also include the skill of choosing the right color for your eyebrows. There are several factors to be considered such as hair color, eyebrow strand color, and skin tone. Since most henna brow products are limited in color, you may also have to mix two products. That can be done best by a professional for a more precise result.

Overall, deciding over DIY henna brow kits and salon henna brows depend on many factors. The former may be more convenient for you or vice versa, but in terms of quality, the guarantee is when you have your brows done at the salon. However, the same excellence can be achieved if you use the right product that is manageable to work with and you have the right tools and skills to do it. Whichever you think is best for you, go for it. After all, both options offer a lot of advantages.

For DIY henna brow kits, since they are only semi-permanent, you can start practicing how to perfect doing it until the results satisfy you. Being self-taught may open a new career for you. Meanwhile, for salon henna brow treatments, you would only need to sit back and relax and let the brow expert do it for you.


salon when it comes to henna brows


Which Salon Should I Go for When It Comes To Henna Brows?

It is important to have a list of eyebrow beauty salons near your area and do thorough research which can be about their service and the experience of their previous clients through reviews. Do not opt for the cheapest salon right away because it might not end well for you in terms of quality. However, it also does not mean that a salon that offers cheap eyebrow henna service is low-quality. Some that just started doing the business might be giving out offers and promos to garner clients as part of their business tactic.

You may also ask people you know about henna brows. Some of them may have had experienced getting that beauty treatment, therefore they would be capable of giving you their insights about it and may also recommend a salon for you. Aside from that, you may check websites of your salon options and look for their portfolios. They will give you a hint of what to possibly expect if you choose to have your eyebrows tinted at a particular beauty salon.

Aside from looking for the best-quality salon, your budget is a factor that will help you decide as well. You may compare different salon prices and determine which one provides a more reasonable offer. Price and quality should go together and that includes if the salon has proper sanitation, has the right tools and equipment, and can give you your dream brows. Salons that pass the price and quality often end up becoming perceived by the public as reputable.

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