Henna Eyebrows for People With Oily Skin – What You Should Do

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henna eyebrows for people with oily skin


Having oily skin is perhaps the number one enemy of henna brows. This has continuously been the utmost concern of those who wish to get their eyebrows hennaed but chose not to go through just because they are taught to believe it is going to be a waste of money if you have this skin type. The truth, however, is that it is possible to find success in henna brows with oily skin.

Committing to beauty treatments such as henna brows is not just merely getting your eyebrows done at a salon. Once the procedure is over, the responsibility of taking care of your brows is transferred to you. This is what most people fail to recognize, hence, the results become short-lived. Fully enjoying henna brows is easy as long as you are meticulous when it comes to maintaining them. The good news is, maintenance is not even expensive. If you take henna brows seriously before, during, and after, you will find yourself having the best experience out of this beauty innovation.

Henna brows promise several things such as convenience, economy both in time and money and most especially, beauty with long-lasting results. Everyone must be able to get the same kind of encounter no matter the skin types and for this to be achieved, let us dive deeper and learn how to maintain your henna brows on oily skin.


causes oily skin on eyebrows


What Causes Oily Skin on Eyebrows?

Several factors are contributing to the oiliness of the skin should be considered when getting eyebrow treatments. Although sebum is normally produced on the skin, some suffer from too much production of it, especially on the T-zone. Oily skin is usually caused either by lifestyle, environmental, or genetic factors which can be mostly treated or minimized just as long as you take time to identify what the underlying causes are.

Genetics You are more likely to experience having overactive sebaceous glands if one of your parents has oily skin.
Age The younger you are, the more sebum gets to be produced and the amount of production lessens as you age. An aesthetician can evaluate the changes in your skin and you may also inquire what skincare routine suits you after getting henna brows.
Geographical location and weather Living in hot, humid climates can trigger oiliness on the skin especially during summertime. If this is left untreated, getting henna brows may end up a disaster.
Enlarged pores Large pores are also a culprit to having oily skin. These can be caused due to previous breakouts, age, or weight fluctuations. Thankfully, the skin beneath the eyebrows has a different composition compared to your cheeks, therefore, the pores are smaller.
Usage of wrong skin care products Using the wrong product for your skin type can worsen your skin condition. If you have oily skin, heavy creams are not good for your skin.
Overdoing skincare routine Too much washing of your face or using skincare products too often in a day can cause oilier skin. The more you eliminate sebum off your face, the more your skin responds by producing more. If you get henna brows, it is recommended never to over wash your face.

Always patch test a small area before applying hair dyes to sensitive skin and you may either need to visit a professional skincare expert to have your skin type diagnosed to get a proper treatment before deciding to get your henna brow tinting done, that is if you suspect that you have oily skin. This is one step to fully enjoying the experience of having thick and consistent-looking hennaed eyebrows that last for up to two weeks.


reason behind failed henna brows on oily skin


The Reason Behind Failed Henna Brows on Oily Skin

Henna brows have risen in popularity over the past several years and many people find it to be the most practical eyebrow solution with longer lasting results when compared to other riskier procedures such as eyebrow tattooing the brow hairs. Henna brows will only last for several weeks and during the duration, you will be enjoying full and defined eyebrows. This beauty innovation comes at an affordable price as well which is very enticing and achievable.

When many people tried out this new beauty treatment, some have shared their disappointment after a few days because their henna brows either started becoming to look inconsistent, or worse, the dye was completely gone. Although some may be quick to assume that henna brows discriminate oily skin types, it should be realized as well that the duration of henna brows depends on the aftercare routine. If you know that your skin is oily, that should translate to a more intense aftercare treatment so you would be able to receive the full experience of what you paid for.

It is best recommended that if you have oily skin, you should go and have your henna brows done at the salon with talented brow artists and it should not just be any eyebrow salon. It has to be where eyebrows go from non-existent or unflattering to gorgeous and natural-looking, full henna brows. Sublime Eyes is the top choice when it comes to henna brows no matter what condition or skin type you have.

Our salon Sublime Eyes boasts of its talent in sculpting wonderful and natural-looking eyebrows that transform the face attractively using Angel Eyes henna brow kits.  Professional brow artists can also give you the best advice on things that worry you such as having the skin type that overproduces sebum. This is the only salon that can provide you with everything concerning your eyebrows and it would be a wise decision to opt for Hollywood’s salon of choice.


How To Prevent Having Oily Skin Before Getting Henna Brows

Henna brows can successfully stay long on oily skin. You only need to simply treat and control the production of oil on your face first by doing a few things to make your face become shine-free long-term! Remember that the treatment of oily skin before the beauty procedure is highly recommended.

To help control the oil on your skin, dermatologists have recommended the following:

  • Wash your face twice a day regularly, and avoid exfoliants or scrubs which can irritate the skin.
  • Choose beauty products that are “oil-free” or “noncomedogenic”. These will not clog your pores.
  • Opt for a gentle, foaming face wash that will not irritate the skin. Never use strong soaps or products as these will increase the oil production of the skin.
  • Avoid using oil-based toners or cleansers, but instead, choose water-based products.
  • Protect your skin from the sun by applying a generous amount of sunscreen that may contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Do not ever go for sunscreens that contain oil or has fragrance.
  • Never sleep with makeup on and avoid touching your face all the time.
  • Use blotting papers to absorb the oil off of your face. Simply dab the sheet against the skin and avoid rubbing it.
  • If you have oily skin due to a medical condition, visit your dermatologist so you can have prescriptions that will minimize the oiliness of your skin.

It is always much better to treat your oily skin or sensitive skin first before getting your eyebrows hennaed either at Sublime Eyes or doing your own DIY henna brows. This does not only keep you from losing the lusciousness of your henna brows but treating your oily skin will also help prevent breakouts. Your beauty within is as important as the outside and Sublime Eyes is the perfect candidate for making sure you have the eyebrows worth showing off to friends!


tips on henna brow aftercare


Tips on Henna Brow Aftercare

The aftercare procedure for henna brows is not as complicated as you think. Of course, there will be a need of getting used to the routine, but everything will pay off if you commit religiously to taking care of your hennaed eyebrows. Having oily skin will no longer be a hindrance towards achieving the full natural-looking hennaed eyebrows through the following:

  • Do not rub your eyebrows.
  • Avoid any heat treatments for 24 hours
  • Avoid eyebrow products, sunbathing, saunas, swimming, and perfumed products for 24 hours.
  • Don’t use oil-based toners.
  • Avoid exposure to sun/UV lights.


angel eyes henna brow kits for oily skin


Why Choose Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits for Oily Skin

Angel Eyes Henna brow kits are sworn to be the only organic product that provides its clients with the best eyebrow experience. It comes in different shades and contains no harmful chemicals which will work well on your skin! If you have oily skin, it is best to visit Sublime Eyes so the staff can properly treat your eyebrows before they are hennaed.

Prepping will enhance the results of henna brows and you will as well receive tips from friendly eyebrow professionals and experts on how to make sure the dye lasts longer. If you want to do the hennaing yourself, you can simply just do it at the comfort of your home! If you have questions regarding the application of the product on your oily skin, we are open to receive questions through our live chat.

We simply want the best for you no matter the skin type. That’s why Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits were made. Order yours now and experience natural-looking and long-lasting brows!

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