Harmful Ingredients To Watch Out for in Henna Brow Kits

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henna brow kits harmful ingredients

Pursuing beauty should not mean putting your health at risk. We strive to maintain or improve our youth and it should not be the other way around. The rise of different beauty henna brow kits products in the market increases the risk of getting allergic reactions that is why checking the label and contents should be the first thing you have to do.

Undergoing beauty procedures such as getting the popular henna brows are one way of pampering ourselves and boosting our confidence to get back and face our loved ones, friends, and even the general public. Well-shaped eyebrows that are boldly attractive is almost everybody’s dream. You may forget wearing your lipstick or false eyelashes, but for many, undrawn eyebrows are a big no-no.

Eyebrows wonderfully transform our faces into several years younger than our actual age and it is an advantage especially that the level of stress we can get from our environment is rising nowadays. Since most people have sparse, non-existent, or undefined eyebrows, henna brows can be the best semi-permanent makeup alternative that is safe to try especially for those who are skeptical about micro-blading. It has lesser risks esthetically and medically.

To make sure you get your glamourous set of henna brows without medical complications, this article will lay out all harmful chemicals you should look out for when buying henna brow kits. Should you decide to go to a salon for professional work, a patch test should be done hours before your treatment, but aside from that, you must ask what kind of product they will be using on your brows.


Is Henna Safe?

Most varieties of henna are generally safe when applied on the skin or eyebrow hairs. It is advised never to have a mixture of this applied on the skin of an infant or young children, however. Henna has long been used in many parts of the world such as Pakistan, India, and Africa, and by thousands of people either for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.

With lots of benefits that you can get from henna, several modern brands have taken advantage of its uses in the aspect of beauty. It is a true beauty-saver for those who have light or little to no eyebrows. Eyebrows are very important features that positively transform the face by adding more definition and length to it. It is also one way of correcting any minor flaws in your eyes or distract anyone from looking at the imperfections on the bottom part of the face.

Since not everyone is born with a pair of thick and well-shaped brows, henna brow kits products have emerged in the beauty market. In choosing your product, it is extremely necessary to purchase one that is trusted. A well-known known brand that has a good reputation and reviews is definitely a better option than a cheaper henna brow kits product. Thousands of people continuously enjoy the beauty you can get from henna and even you can have that experience.

Henna brow products only become harmful if they contain extreme levels of chemical substances. Since real henna has a short shelf life, several contents have been added so they can be used for longer periods of time and for a darker result. Some manufacturers, however, overdo the process by adding too much or more harmful chemicals for profit. This is what makes some henna brow products dangerous and must be avoided no matter how promising they are or how cheap they are sold.


henna brows possible during pregnancy


Are Henna Brows Possible During Pregnancy?

Getting henna brows while you are pregnant does not put your health at risk. A study shows that minimal exposure to it has very limited absorption and it’s less likely that it will reach the placenta. However, if you do want to undergo this brow treatment, the precautionary measures to take would be a long list. Since you’re in your vulnerable state with an unborn child inside of you, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor first. You may also do a patch test under his supervision.

If there are no adverse reactions after the patch test, make sure your eyebrows do not have any burns or abscesses before the henna application. Also, choose a product that only contains little to no amount of chemicals such as para-phenylenediamine (PPD). Make a thorough research before deciding which salon to visit and check the reviews as well. This will contribute to the success of getting your dream brows.

Note as well that just because henna brows can be safe for pregnant women, it does not automatically translate to it being 100% risk-free for everyone. Since each has a different health status, it is much better not to jump on the treatment right away without advice from a medical health expert. If you can help it, you may also just wait until your whole pregnancy period is over. Remember that although henna brows have a lot of beauty benefits, if it goes bad, you and your baby’s health would be at stake as well as your beauty.

To make it easier for you, please avoid getting henna brows if you or your previous child has anemia, G6DP deficiency, hyperbilirubinemia, or blood or immune system-related risks. Pursuing henna brows with these conditions is life-threatening and aside from that, if you had previous reactions to black henna before, then choose to avoid this treatment. Further exposure can lower your immune system and it can make you feel easily very sick.


chemicals to avoid on henna brow products


Chemicals To Avoid In Henna Brow Products

Henna brows became the hottest trend in the year 2019 and with the rise of its popularity, numerous henna brow products started to emerge in the beauty market. Although some are reputable and safe to use, others that are not FDA approved or are more harmful are sold and are freely accessible unbeknown to the customers.

The general term for dangerous henna products is “imitation henna” which describes products that claim to be henna. However, the truth is that these products are vitiated with toxic solvents, industrial dyes, and other dangerous chemicals. These products were made because true henna perishes quickly which means it has to be stored frozen. This becomes an inconvenience when it comes to selling such products to general consumers especially overseas. Moreover, imitation henna came about to cater to everybody’s convenience who wants the eyebrows and skin dyed quickly in just a short period through the inclusion of industrial dyes.

It is important to consider as well, that while real henna is indeed safe, it does not automatically mean that the rest of the henna brow products are not good for us. There are certain factors that make a factory-produced henna brow product unsafe for consumers. For example, some only care about huge mass production and bigger profits by using low-quality resources. We already know that low-quality products would most likely give bad results.

Some factories that do not care about public safety would include high levels of dangerous chemicals such as PPD for an instant darker result. That is why it is important to just go for reputable or trusted henna brow products so your health will not be put at risk. Also, it is not just high PPD content that should be avoided in choosing your henna brow product. There are numerous other ones which you should look out for:


Chemicals To Avoid Why It Should Be Avoided
Acetone, Lighter fluid, or Kerosene These chemicals help achieve near black stains and are very rampantly mixed in henna pastes especially in Africa, India, and Arabia. However, exposure through vapor or skin exposure may lead to itchy, sore, or red skin. In some cases, they may also cause blistering.
Camphor Camphor can make the client and the artist become nauseous if this has been mixed with the henna. Others reportedly feel intoxicated, dizzy, or ill. Although camphor can make the stain darker, it is absolutely not worth it if you experience the side effects.
Citrus Oils Be careful if you think the henna paste smells citrusy. As good as it smells, citrus oils are truthfully not giving the skin an advantage aside from quickly darkening the henna or the stain. If henna is adulterated with this kind of oil, your skin may end up becoming more sensitive to the sun. It can cause itchy welts as well.
Black Kattan In terms of staining, a black Kattan is a good candidate for that, however, this is not a good replacement for henna. Black Kattan is a dark brown dye that can cause skin irritation through its contained ingredients.
Walnut Powder Henna pastes mixed with walnut powder help improve the darkening of the stain and it only becomes dangerous to those who have a nut allergy. If you have this kind of allergy, it is better to avoid completely henna pastes with walnut powder. In extreme cases, this may cause anaphylactic shock to the client.



These are just a few of the common chemicals which you should shy away from in choosing your henna brow product. Always check the label for a guaranteed quality experience. Moreover, beware that there is rampant selling of black rocks or henna stones in some places. These are simply industrial-grade PPD in solid forms and they are very dangerous to your health. There is no such thing as a henna stone. Sellers sell this gimmick to gain huge profits on PPD.

It is highly recommended not to compromise on brands or products that are not FDA approved because they might contain a dangerously high level of chemicals such as PPD. PPD is a sensitizer that, if you are continuously exposed to high levels, will trigger or develop an allergic reaction.

If you are unsure about what product to use, you should try out Angel Eyes henna brow kits. Angel Eyes have been proven and trusted by many eyebrow lovers as it gives a rich eyebrow effect that consistently stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks. You can also visit Sublime Eyes salon so they can do the whole procedure for you. The staff would give you the best eyebrow experience without ignoring your health.


The Real Risk Behind Black Henna and PPD

Jet black hennas are commonly perceived to be very harmful not just to the skin, but to the overall health of an individual. Disreputable brands or eyebrow henna products may have higher PPD content on hennas that are black in color. PPD is responsible to give an instant dark color, but exposure to high levels of this substance can lead to allergic reactions or chemical burns.

Black hennas are not at all the time dangerous, however. Some may be allergic to these and some may have no reactions at all. That is why patch tests need to be done at least 48 hours before the actual eyebrow treatment. If you skip this step and end up realizing that your body reacts negatively to it, the damage can be overwhelming. Chemical burns are very painful once cause by PPD.

There are numerous symptoms which range from tingling or burning sensation, swelling, blistering, redness or stinging. In worst-case scenarios, chemical burns may end up as permanent scars that will outline the affected area. Aside from chemical burns, contact dermatitis may take place as well. This can cause itchiness, drying, and cracking of the skin. Experiencing contact dermatitis may mean that you will highly become more susceptible to other products that contain PPD such as hair dye.

Becoming sensitized to PPD is a huge warning. It should mean that you have to totally abstain from PPD-contained henna brow products or hair dyes in the future. If you do, severe allergic reactions will occur. PPD sensitization gets worse over time over repeated exposure. Even if you take a break from products for several years, they are still likely to be triggered. In some other cases, reactions from henna will not be physically visible. PPD is a transdermal toxin and it can possibly target your internal organs. You also have to be more careful about whatever applications you do on your skin. Always check the label for chemicals that your body is sensitive to.


safety tips applying henna eyebrows


Safety Tips Before Applying Henna on Your Eyebrows

Henna brows have satisfied a lot of clients for years already no matter which color they choose. Although you can hear a lot of positive comments about this certain beauty treatment, you have to know that these people have most likely done the right process or have let professionals do their brows. That means precautionary measures should not be ignored.

Since henna brow kits are easily purchased and henna brow services are offered in most salons, you have to remember a few things before indulging yourself in henna:

  • Before anything is done to your eyebrows, always make sure you do the patch test especially if you are pregnant. This is usually done at the salon or under your doctor’s supervision 48 hours before the brow treatment. A small amount of henna paste will be placed on the inside of your elbow for 20 minutes before it is washed off with lukewarm water. If nothing happens before 48 hours, then you are fit for the henna brows procedure.
  • It is best not to get henna brows if you are sick or your immune system is weak. Such a condition will make you more susceptible to reactions.
  • Check if you have underlying skin conditions such as eczema. If you do, you are prone to allergic reactions when the henna paste is already applied to your skin.
  • Ask the brow artist what the henna paste is made up of. You should be able to have your research done already before it is applied to your skin. As much as possible, opt for reputable salons that use high-quality henna brow pastes. Never resort to cheap services or henna kits as they do not guarantee an excellent outcome.
  • Know what you are allergic to. Some henna brow pastes may include essential oils. If you are allergic to eucalyptus or clove oil, then do not pursue the use of the product. Their presence will make your skin feel itchy.
  • It is recommended to scrub your eyebrows first before getting them hennaed to remove any dead skin cells. This enables the henna to penetrate your skin which will give it a better and longer-lasting result.
  • Lastly, before any eyebrow treatment is done, it is always a good idea to consult with your eyebrow specialist first. Ask them about what the treatment includes, what are the risks, and other more questions regarding henna brows.

Prevention is better than cure, so by being cautious about your beauty journey, you are actually saving yourself from life-threatening or traumatic health risks. Health and beauty should go together and they are both achievable as long as you wisely choose the right salon or product to use.


How Is PPD Allergy Diagnosed?

Patch testing is the indicator of whether you will have a reaction to PPD or not. Other times, it is through a clinical test. The two methods of patch testing are called uncovered and covered patch tests.

Uncovered patch tests are done by simply applying a 20 cent spot henna paste on the inner bend of the elbow and leave it uncovered for 48-72 hours. There will be an observation if reactions such as rash or irritation will occur during this time. If the test came out negative, the individual will less likely to develop any reaction compared to a positive result.

Take note that if rash or irritation occurred within a few minutes or an hour, then that is possibly an irritant contact dermatitis. Meanwhile, covered patch tests are usually used by dermatologists or allergy specialists to check PPD sensitivity. It is undertaken by using 2% PPD in petrolatum. A negative result would mean that the individual can use henna brow products without any worries.

If you get a positive result on any of the indicated methods of patch testing, contact with PPD on any kind of product must be avoided.


When Do Henna Reactions Occur?

If an individual who has already been sensitized due to previous PPD exposure uses a product that contains the said chemical substance, the reaction will typically occur in 24-48 hours. If the product is black henna that contains high levels of PPD, the body or the area where henna has been applied to will react 4-10 days later. Sometimes, it even takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before the health risks manifest.

Being aware of the possible reactions is important. In some cases, those who have had a mild reaction ignore it and are less aware that they are already sensitized to PPD. As a result, once they get exposed to henna or any products that contain PPD, they experience serious health risks.


What To Do When You Experience Allergic Reactions Due To a Henna Brow Product?

Mild allergic reactions can be well-treated at home if they are simply skin deep. These usually clear out after a few days. However, if the symptoms persist or get worse, you must immediately see a healthcare professional or a doctor for a thorough diagnosis and treatment. Let your doctor know about what you did, what involved the process, and what kind of product has been used. Relay all the information you got as they can help in the diagnosis of your condition.

If your allergic reactions are just mild, you can use over-the-counter (OTC) products to treat them. You may start off by rinsing the area thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. If there is itching, you may also take oral corticosteroids or apply topical corticosteroid skin cream, but use this with precaution. Make sure it doesn’t get near or into your eyes or mouth.

To oxidize PPD, you may apply either 2% of hydrogen peroxide solution or potassium permanganate. If there is an intense tightening of the skin, you can soothe and soften the crust by applying a wet dressing of lime and cold olive oil. These methods are done in acute severe cases of PPD dermatitis.

Moreover, if you have experienced allergic reactions from a product, please throw it away immediately. Do not use it for any other purposes as even the fumes can prove to be dangerous. Next time, buy from a trusted seller or go to a reputable salon. Simply visit Angel Eyes to make an order or visit Sublime Eyes salon. You are also free to ask your inquiries via the chatbox if needed.


What Do Reactions From Henna Brows Usually Look Like?

A certain henna product that contains a lot of unsafe ingredients in such high concentrations can harm your skin and body in a lot of ways and they appear in different forms. Oftentimes, a nasty reaction can show through blisters that form the pattern where henna was applied. It can also make you end up with a swollen face, and severely red and scaly skin surrounding your eyebrows.


How Often Do PPD Reactions Happen?

In Europe alone, around 98% of people do not have the potential of getting a reaction from PPD. Only 1.5% of the remaining individuals will develop an allergy after using a henna brow product that contains PPD. If someone is prone to developing a reaction to the said substance, the reaction will not show the first time he or she gets exposed to PPD. However, the early exposures will set up the immune system until it can no longer cope with another PPD exposure in the future.

Additionally, the immune system mistakes the PPD as a foreign chemical substance and when it meets it again, the body will adversely have an overreaction. The response of the body is what causes the damage instead of the ingredient itself.

Since not everyone can develop an allergic reaction to PPD, those who do have must be cautious when deciding to use henna brow kits or other colorant products. This is because they will sooner or later experience the repercussions when further exposed to chemicals to which their bodies are sensitive to. To ensure safety, a patch test 48 hours before the treatment should always be done as per the instruction on the product label.


Are PPD’s Banned Anywhere?

Despite media claims that PPD is banned in the US and several European countries, it seems that it is not the case at all. All manufacturers, supply, and distribution of cosmetic products including henna brow kits are covered or regulated by stringent safety laws- the EU Cosmetics Directive. Basically, there is moderation in terms of which products are safe to sell in the market and which ones are to be discarded. This means that PPD is not banned in the US nor in any European country.


What To Do To Avoid Reactions From Henna Brow Products

We all understand that the reason why you want to get henna brows is that you want to improve your beauty and it is a huge hassle if you experience negative effects just because of it. Truth be told, you can totally avoid the repercussions from happening as long as you are very careful about what products you apply to your skin and eyebrows.

Going cheap on beauty products or salon services is not very worth it. If you end up with a bad henna product, you will end up paying more not for an additional beauty treatment to fix the imperfections, but for the medicines and hospital treatments. Always put in mind that cheap products are made up of low-quality ingredients and low-quality components can risk your health and appearance.

To dodge the possibility of getting allergic reactions when undergoing this brow treatment, ensure that the product does not contain high levels of PPD. It must pass the safety standards as well and you should perform the patch test always before you start the procedure. If you find any products to be suspicious, it is much better to look for another option to lower the risk of getting a bad reaction.

To have the glamorous results on your henna brows, it is always better to go for products that are tested and proven to work excellently on the skin. An example of such are the Angel Eyes henna brow kits that are organic and safe for skin application. These products are the latest beauty innovation created to be safer when done at home as well. These high-quality henna brow kits will bring you the salon-effect on your eyebrows.

Angel Eyes henna brow kits have been used by a lot of eyebrow lovers already and they all enjoy the rich and vibrant look they do on eyebrows. They are long-lasting and they come in a variety of colors to suit whatever skin tone you have or skin type. These are the world’s leading henna brow product. If you want to achieve full-looking eyebrows through a safer henna brow tint, Angel Eyes is the best choice there is.


Are Henna Brows Worth It?

Getting henna brows is a good beauty alternative for people who have very thin eyebrows. You can save a lot of time and resources by just getting this semi-permanent makeup. As long as there is caution, henna brows are worth getting.


How To Choose a Reputable Eyebrow Salon

Thankfully, since henna brows started to become popular, more eyebrow artists start to offer henna brow services to the public. With lots of good salons out there, the chance of getting adverse results to the said treatment is low. Yet this fact does not eradicate the existence of those salons or beauty parlors that do not consider the health of their clients.

In choosing an eyebrow salon, you must remember a few basic standards they should pass: product, staff, service, atmosphere, tools and equipment, environment, price, and reviews.

You are entitled to what you pay for. Do not hesitate on asking what product the brow artist will be using on you. A good quality product can contribute a huge deal to the results. It should give you well-defined natural-looking eyebrows that do not fade instantly after a few days and it should not cause you any skin damage because of the contents.

Staff and service must be put into consideration as well. Go for a salon that prioritizes every client and follows the exact procedure of the brow treatment. There are henna brow kits that indicate the precise length of time the henna paste should be left on the skin and leaving it too long might jeopardize the whole process. Also, the one who will do your eyebrow should know what he or she is doing. A professional or an eyebrow expert will highly be able to give you your eyebrow expectations.

The atmosphere in the salon is important as well especially if you are pregnant. You should feel comfortable and secure and the environment must be well-ventilated too since salons use certain beauty chemicals especially hair colorants that emit a certain synthetic smell.

The equipment for the eyebrow treatment should be complete and also, check the pricing of the service. If you think the cost is reasonable and that you are confident that the outcome will be great, then you may check another box on your list. You can have a bit of what to expect by looking at the salon’s portfolios.

Lastly would be the reviews. Whenever we buy a product or check salons on the website, the reviews are what we usually search for right away. They can either convince you to go to the salon or make you look for another one. If the number of reviews is high and the rating still remains excellent, then that is a good indicator that the salon is reputable.


sublime eyes salon


If you want to know which salon passes all these standards, then your search is over. There’s nothing like Sublime Eyes salon- this is one of the world’s leading salons which catered to several Hollywood celebrities. Even you can have a celeb-experience if you get your henna brows done here. Sublime Eyes only uses the best and high-quality safe henna which gives your eyebrows 2 weeks of consistent vibrancy and color.

Sublime Eyes is home to the eyebrow experts like Angel Cisnero who dedicated most of his years perfecting the art of sculpting brows. The staff cares about how you look as well as your health. If visiting the salon could not fit in your schedule, you may also order your very own Angel Eyes henna brow kits. They come in various colors which you can choose from and they would perfectly suit your skin tone. If you have another preferred color of henna, you can combine two products together to achieve your desired mixture.

Place your order now to get your Angel Eyes henna brow kits or you may also book an appointment today to get your glamorous henna brows!

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