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skin color henna brows

When choosing henna brow products there are many factors you may want to consider. Skin color or the tone of your skin should not restrict you from getting the look that you want however there are some variables you may want to keep in mind. Henna brows offer a wide variety of colors to appeal to all skin tones and types. In this helpful guide, we will show you the options that Henna offers and provide tips as to how to choose the color that best suits your unique skin tone.


henna brows color tint options


Henna Brows Color Tint Options

In order to choose the brow color that is best for you, it’s important to know all of the options available to you. Henna brows provide multiple colors so their product will be a great fit for any skin tone and type. Henna brows top-selling colors include dark brown, caramel, natural black, medium brown, and Sienna brown. These colors are bold yet natural giving you the look of professionalism and sets the stage for you to flaunt your natural confidence. Henna Brow Color Options

Henna brows dark brown color is bold and stands out for a more noticeable change. This color will attract attention but still gives off a natural look. This color will complement most skin colors or tones.

Henna brows caramel color is radiant it will stand out making you the center of attention. This color is perfect if you are looking to change your look and style. This color will complement most skin colors or tones.

Henna brows natural black is just that, natural. This color works for most skin colors and can be the missing key to completing your look casually. This color will complement most skin colors or tones.

Henna brows medium brown is a light natural shade that will go with many skin colors. It is noticeable but still gives off a natural appearance. This color will complement most skin colors or tones.

Henna brows sienna brown is a darker more dynamic shade that is appropriate for any setting. This color will compliment any skin color or tone.

Don’t see a color that appeals to you? If you love the idea of what Henna brows has to offer but none of these shades quite fit what you are teaching for you can simply mix two colors to create your own unique shade. Henna brow colors can be mixed to tone down or brighten a shade to make what works best for your skin tone and desired look.

Henna Brow Tint On Darker Skin

Eyebrow tinting on darker skin does not have to be more difficult or frustrating to do. You will usually want to go with a shade lighter than your skin color. Do not try to match your hair color exactly because you don’t want to take the risk of your brows looking unnatural. This would be a great opportunity to try mixing more than one color to get a more noticeable color. The key to tinting on darker skin is to be generous when applying the tint to the skin making sure to completely cover the hair and get it onto the skin underneath the brow.

On darker skin, you may want to leave the tint on for the full duration of time to make sure that it sets in the skin enough to stain it. The key here is to leave the tint on for the full fifteen to twenty minutes but don’t exceed the time indicated.

Henna brow tint on darker skin is an easy hassle-free process all you have to do is choose the shade that is right for you. Darker skin is known for being able to pull off both darker and lighter colors but the rule of thumb here is to try to go a shade lighter to attain a natural look.


henna brow tint on lighter skin

Henna Brow Products On Lighter Skin

Eyebrow tinting on lighter skin will essentially be the same process with slightly different considerations. When searching for the perfect eyebrow color if you have lighter skin keep in mind to look for warm undertones so that the color doesn’t look washed or faded. Cool tones can also be used on lighter skin, this may be an opportunity to mix colors to create the ideal brow color. The rule of thumb here is to go a shade or two darker.

On lighter skin, you may want to leave the Henna eyebrow tint on for slightly less time than indicated as it will not take as long to stain your eyebrow hairs or the skin underneath. A majority of the time various shades of brown or light brown work well on lighter skin.

Henna brow tint on lighter skin is an easy hassle-free process all you have to do is choose the shade that is right for you. Lighter skin is known for being able to pull off both cool and warm undertones. How To Choose The Best Brow Color

What to consider when choosing a Henna brow eyebrow color:

  • Hair Color
  • Natural Eyebrow Color
  • Skin Color
  • Clothing/Wardrobe


what to consider choosing_henna brow eyebrow color

There are many considerations when picking the best Henna brow color for yourself. Skin color is something to consider however it is not the most important factor. This is because skin comes in many shades and tones and skin color can be affected by season, location, or exposure to elements. The most important thing to consider when choosing a Henna brow color is your current hair color for many reasons including overall aesthetics.

You are not limited to your natural eyebrow color by any means, however, it is a great starting point when searching for the best Henna brow products to compliment you while maintaining a natural look.

Skin color gives you a starting point to adjust the shade of your brows with Henna brow tint. Depending on the type of look you are going for you may not want to follow the recommendations. It is completely up to you and your mood if you would like to go lighter or darker.

A consideration that is not often discussed but is equally important is your wardrobe. What colors will you be wearing? Matching or complimenting your clothing choices can be just as important as your eyebrows complementing your hair as well. Dos And Donts Of Brow Color Choices

Henna Brow Eyebrow Kits Skin Color Do’s And Don’t Do Don’t
Let Skin Color Limit You X
Use Natural Eyebrow Color As A Guide X
Consider Hair Color X
Go As Dark Or As Light As Possible X
Understand Your Skin Type X
Mix Henna Brow Tint Colors To Make The Perfect Shade X



does skin color matter for henna brows


Does Skin Color Matter For Henna Brows

Skin color matters when using Henna brow products but not as much as some may think. There is a key formula for choosing the best Henna brow color depending on your skin color. If you have very light or pale skin you may opt to go one or two shades darker with you Henna brow kit eyebrow color in order to complement your features. If you have medium skin you might need to choose a Henna brow kit that is a shade lighter or a shade darker depending on the undertones of your skin. If you have very dark skin you will want to pick a Henna brow kit eyebrow color that is one or two shades lighter than your skin color in order to accentuate your features.

Your skin color is part of you but it does not define or limit you from achieving the look that you desire. With Henna brow kits you have options that allow you to change your look slightly or drastically despite your skin color. Your skin color gives you a starting point for which Henna brow kit you should start with and it may take some trial and error to find what looks best and fits your ideal look. Henna brow kits are designed to be diverse and work for all skin colors and shades. Skin color can change or be affected by many natural and environmental factors which are what gives Henna brow kits the advantage of being the most flexible tinting kit available. Henna brow kits can be reapplied as often as needed in order to adjust to your skin needs and color changes.

Henna brow kits are designed to make you look and feel like a star. Consider all of your color options and don’t limit yourself to one color or shade. Experiment, mix and match, or blend color to find your unique style. Using skin color, hair color, and the colors that you wear most often as a guide will help you in making the best decision when choosing a Henna brow color that works best for you and your lifestyle. Skin color does not hold you back from using or wearing any shade of Henna eyebrow kits. Your skin color gives you your glow Henna brow kits only highlight your natural best features that you already possess. Henna brow kits make it convenient for you to have natural-looking, long-lasting, fuller eyebrows.

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