Why Do Henna Brows Turn Into Orange? The Untold Truth Of Tinting Eyebrows

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do henna brows turn into orange


Eyebrows have become one of the essential facial features for many women and even men which is why a lot of them turn to get their brows tinted. However, some circumstances have shown that due to terrible henna products and services, several henna brow lovers ended up having to experience orange henna brows.

The trend of getting henna brows gets more popular each year. A lot of people realize how practical it is to dye your eyebrows where the tint lasts not just for a day but for weeks.Since this feature of henna brows sounds very enticing to the public, a lot of henna brow products start emerging in the market. Various salons also started offering henna brow services to eyebrow aficionados. What most of us fail to realize, however, is that not everything we see in the beauty industry would mean that it could provide us with an excellent beauty experience.

Some have shared their frustration of getting to wake up after a day or two and discovering that their eyebrows have turned orange. This incident becomes a common horrifying story to henna brow lovers, that’s why we are here to save you from such an experience.


The Go-To Place for Quality Henna Brows


The Go-To Place for Quality Henna Brows

Looking good should be something that is achievable without the risk of sacrificing your beauty. Henna brows last for a few weeks and you don’t want yourself to be forced getting out in the public with unflattering eyebrows. Bad-looking henna eyebrows are often the result of purchasing and using cheap and unreliable products from vendors who only care about making a profit from the beauty industry.

Most disreputable vendors disregard the hassles that can affect their clients. What’s worse is if their goods contain higher doses of chemicals which can severely cause allergic reactions. It’s wiser not to buy products that are mainly factored by price. You have to check their quality and the benefits you can get from them. Henna brows are products that need to be applied on the face, therefore being complacent is not ideal.

The great news, however, is that with Angel Eyes, you no longer have to worry about bad henna brows!

The convenience Angel Eyes’ henna brows give would mean giving you the exact set of eyebrows you would want to flaunt each day without the need for brow pencils. There is consistency and there’s going to be lesser time to spend in front of the mirror. Angel Eyes offers the best henna brow service which is done by professionals at their Hollywood salon – Sublime Eyes. We use quality henna brow products that will give you the suitable eyebrows you want in terms of color, shape, and thickness.We are also definitely with you when it comes to the fact that eyebrow mistakes should be avoided at all costs and your interest should be at heart.

We have years of experience and have perfected the art of eyebrow sculpting methods. You don’t even have to worry about your eyebrows getting botched by using our take-home kits because they are very intuitive in learning how to do your own henna brows!


Henna Brows Turning Orange


Henna Brows Turning Orange

You don’t want to become part of the “orange henna brows by-accident-society”. That is unless you are a quirky individual and that is alright. How disappointing can it be, however, when you have envisioned the kind of eyebrows you will be having prior to the beauty procedure and then ended up not getting the desired color but orange?

This has been the case for many of the henna brows clients all over the world. A lot have expressed their frustration and desperation to make their eyebrows turn darker instead of the unplanned and unexpected orange color. Unless orange eyebrows look good on you, then that is something you should entirely keep from happening. After all, if it is not what your desired color is, then you should not settle for anything less.

You may browse and find several solutions for orange brows, but you know you don’t have to actually experience having them! If you experienced having orange brows, you should immediately start ditching your old products and start using the Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit.


Why Do Henna Brows Turn Into Orange?


Why Do Henna Brows Turn Into Orange?

You may be one of those who usually had great results every after getting your brows hennaed then one day, your eyebrows suddenly turned orange. There is such a thing as “orange panic” whenever you go for darker colors and end up looking like a carrot. It is important to remember that in the henna community, the orange phase is deemed to be a normal occurrence in the process after getting the henna. There are chemical reactions that happen in the first few days after getting your henna brows. The only way to fix this certain orange phenomenon is to wait for a few days. If you give your eyebrows adequate time, your eyebrow will eventually get darker.

However, if you want to skip the orange phase of your henna brows, some suggest applying heat to it. It should be noted that doing so will rapidly darken the henna. This usually turns out to be irreversible. If you want to lighten your hennaed brows again, there will be a need for a chemical lightener. Speeding the process should always entail immense precaution. This in turn keeps you from experiencing inconveniences.

Another reason why henna brows turn into orange is because of poor and unsuccessful dyeing. Henna has to be saturated thoroughly. The process of prepping your henna or dye may sound easy, but this procedure is very crucial.

Another factor of failed henna brows is the use of products that don’t contain the right ingredients that give off the excellent henna paste. Don’t settle for brands or products that try to save money by cutting off the essential contents excellent eyebrow henna should have.

You may ask, what is the best brand to look for that guarantees the best-looking henna brows then? The long search is over, it is Angel Eyes.


Tips on How To Avoid Getting Bad Henna Brows

Even though getting henna brows is less risky than permanent tattooed eyebrows, it does not mean that you should not be careful when you decide that you get it. Take note that henna brows will sit on your face for a good 2 to 4 weeks before they entirely fade off.

Eyebrow disasters are totally avoidable as long as you plan your entire henna brows journey thoroughly and research the necessary details about it.

Below are a few tips on how to avoid bad henna browse:

  • Buy henna brow products from reputable vendors or brands such as Angel Eyes.
  • Do a patch test before hennaing your eyebrows.
  • If you are unsure about your skills, let a professional do it for you. You can visit Angel Eyes Salon so you can get your quality eyebrows done.
  • If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you follow the instructions well that are indicated on the product.
  • Be meticulous about henna brow after-care procedure.

The most vital part of hennaing brows is the product you choose to use. Several products out there in the market give out extravagant promises that come at a surprisingly cheaper price compared to other brands.

That itself should make you suspicious and opt for the one that is trusted by many even by several Hollywood celebrities.

Among all available products, it is Angel Eyes that offers the prime solution to undefined eyebrows at the most affordable price!


The Ultimate Reputable Henna Brow Solution


The Ultimate Reputable Henna Brow Solution

Angel Eyes makes sure that you get the best set of henna eyebrows that give you confidence every time you go out for work, events, or wherever you want to travel to. It aims that you get fuller and richer-looking eyebrows that provide the exact desired color without turning them into orange.

The ultimate product for your eyebrows is Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit. It is the innovation that solves your eyebrow problems and worries! This henna brow kit also gives you the option to do the beauty process at the comfort of your home which is very convenient for you!

It also helps you enhance your eyebrow hennaing skills, so you won’t have to let others do it for you.

The table below is to further let you understand what Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit is all about.

Very manageable to work with
Lasts for up to two weeks
Comes with Rosewater
Organic and harm-free


With Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit, you will no longer feel conscious about your eyebrows every time you meet people! In fact, they will end up asking what product you used.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit with your friends for exquisite and long-lasting eyebrows!

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