Best Henna Kits for Black Skin Tones

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Best Henna Kits for Black Skin Tones


Angel Eyes henna brows can do wonders on anyone with darker skin and people of color who want to get more noticeable eyebrows without the need of using other cosmetic products. Not only are the traditional eyebrow powders and eyebrow pomades very time-consuming, but they are very expensive when they start to become maintenance as well.

Constantly drawing on your eyebrows will honestly not do that much damage to your brows. However, not everyone has the skill to nicely shape them into a more defined set, therefore, most if not all would likely either end up going out with disaster eyebrows or redrawing them. Redrawing means wiping off the color to attempt to draw on your eyebrows again.

This can be quite a stressful and harsh experience for your eyebrows and if you are not being careful and delicate, they may end up becoming sparse. That is why henna brows start to become a thing in the beauty industry. This is a one-time application that will last for several weeks and this idea fascinated a lot of people especially those who have a black skin tone.

However, one common problem that is often faced when tinting on dark skin is that the henna does not dye always to satisfaction. A lot of individuals who have this problem continuously look for the best solution and if you are one of them, you have come to the right place! With the right henna brow product, you will surely enjoy the vibrancy of your newly tinted eyebrows.

Just keep reading to find out!


henna doesn’t stain well on dark skin


Why Henna Doesn’t Stain Well on Dark Skin?

The number one reason why those who have dark skin have double thoughts about hennaing their eyebrows is that the product does not stain well on their skin. If ever it does, it only lasts for a couple of days before the color gets totally gone! Not only that, but several brands and products are very limited when it comes to their range of colors.

It is frustrating when a beauty trend takes over and it does not entirely benefit everyone who wants to try it out. Getting henna brows is one of the beauty trends that prove to be economic and convenient for several people whose part of the everyday morning routine is to draw their eyebrows.

For a black skin tone, henna brows that are poor in quality will surely disappoint you. Although some of them look okay in the first few days, if they do not contain the right ingredients, your henna brows will not last the entire duration. Moreover, some henna brow products applied on dark skin tones end up blending on the skin. When the excellence in the color of a henna brow is low, you have to expect that it will not end well on your eyebrows.

In choosing henna brow products, going cheap is a no-no. However, that does not translate to purchasing the most expensive ones. Remember that the price does not determine the results. Some pricey henna brow products work less well or averagely when compared to the ones in the more affordable range.

Also, determining the right henna brow color is as important as choosing which brand to go for. Know what exactly suits your style and when in doubt, ask for professional advice or go to Sublime Eyes where you can find the number one expert when it comes to henna brows. Having a black skin tone, after all, does not automatically mean getting black eyebrows. There is a wide range of black skin color and undertones that need to be assessed first before arriving at the right eyebrow color.


Eight Shades of Brown To Black Skin Tone


Eight Shades of Brown To Black Skin Tone

Black skin tones are beautifully diverse and radiant. To carefully understand your shade before choosing the right henna brow color, below will guide you into understanding where your skin color falls in the categories listed. Simply take note of the shade as well as the undertones:

Marshmallow colored skin This tends to be one of the lightest shades of brown. Freckles may be present and skin usually gets very sensitive in the sun without proper protection. People of this type would likely have yellow, green, and blue undertones.
Pecan Brown Skin This skin tone has a warm, buttery shade which is less sensitive compared to the other brown shades. It tans beautifully with a golden glow due to its gold, yellow, or red undertone.
Peanut Butter Truffle Tone The undertones of this shade is usually that of olive gold. It is also the darkest shade of the lighter-skinned colors.
Alluring Amber The shade is a combination of cool red and golden colors. This shade is also less sensitive and often has silky smooth textures. The undertones that identify with this shade are bronze and copper.
Brown Caramel Undertones of this shade are usually red and gold. The skin falls under cinnamon-brown colors that can tan to dark chocolate or lighter to caramel.
Milk chocolate Gold and red undertones are present on this skin tone. You can compare this shade to white chocolate, rich in melanin, and radiates well when the sun hits the skin.
Espresso Brown Skin Tone Most dark-skinned ladies have this skin tone. It has warm vibes that illuminate well. In the fashion industry, bright colors suit them very nicely.
Cacao Black Skin tone The deepest shade has rich mahogany or blue undertones.

Once you have determined your shade, you will have an easier time deciding on your henna brow color. Undertones and skin tones must be assessed always before you commit to getting henna brows for the best results that complement your skin. Not only that, whenever you go for henna brows, always choose Angel Eyes!


tips on eyebrow tinting on black skin tone


How To Apply Henna Brows On Black Skin Tones:

Safety precautions: Get all the preparation out of the way before you begin. That way you can focus on your henna brow.

  1. Make sure that your face is clean and clear of makeup or oils. Anything will block the color from showing up or prevent it from setting correctly.
  2. If you have any sores, scratches, cuts, bug bites, or sunburns then wait until they heal before trying to apply henna brow color. All of those things are risks for an infection that you don’t want near your eyes.
  3. Clean and file your nails to make sure they don’t have any rough or sharp edges. You want the henna to stick to your skin, not scratch or tear it.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly around your eyes and on your eyelashes to prevent staining. It will also help with post-application itchiness and irritation.
  5. The only other thing you’ll need is a facecloth or sponge that you can throw away after use (don’t use it again for anything else).

6.  Mix the henna and apply. If you’ve purchased Angel Eyes ready to mix henna brows from us then all you need to do is mix it with our rose water until it’s a thick paste.

If you’re using any other traditional henna powder then you’ll need to separate the henna powder from the other powders and clays in your kit. Read our article about how to mix henna if you need help.

Tips on Eyebrow Tinting on Black Skin Tone

Darker skin tones require a more noticeable set of eyebrows. When it comes to henna brows, a good quality product is 90 percent of the whole beauty procedure and the process is only 10 percent. To achieve excellence, once you have the product, take note of these useful tips for black skin tones:

  • Go for Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits to start the process. If a product is manageable to work with, you will have an easier and less frustrating experience in tinting your eyebrows.
  • If tinting your eyebrows on your own is not ideal for you, let a professional do it or visit Sublime Eyes where everything about your eyebrows will be taken care of.
  • After the henna dries, dabbing a sealant can make the pigment darker.
  • Leave the henna paste longer than you would on white or fair skin for better results in color.
  • Avoid getting your eyebrows to have contact with water in the first 24 hours.
  • Be strict with the aftercare procedure to make your henna brows last longer.


Is Sublime Eyes Capable of Tinting My Eyebrows Well on Black Skin?

It is perhaps not your first time hearing about Sublime Eyes Salon, the home of eyebrow experts. This is the place where the staff can give you the ultimate professional henna eyebrow results in an instant! With years of experience in the beauty industry, it cannot be denied that Sublime Eyes have encountered several different eyebrow conditions. No matter what it looks like, thick or thin, undefined or sparse, white-skinned to black, doing henna brows will never be difficult.

Sublime Eyes is frequently visited by countless eyebrow lovers from all walks of life. No matter who you are, you will get the best henna brows enjoyed by most Hollywood celebrities. Choosing Sublime Eyes is truly a luxurious experience at an affordable price! Surely, you will never get to worry again about henna brows on your dark skin because everything will go perfectly as planned just as long as you choose the right place.


best henna brow product made for black skin tone


What’s the Best Henna Brow Product Made for Black Skin Tone?

The search for henna brows for black skin has ended! Sublime Eyes uses the one and only Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits that has a wide variety of colors to suit every shade of skin tone! This is the ultimate henna formula that will tint your eyebrows to the fullest which will not disregard consistency, color, and most of all, excellence!

If you choose to do your henna brows instead of going to the salon, you can just easily get your own preferred Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit and simply do it at your home! If you want a different shade or color, simply mix two of the henna brow powders with the included rosewater, and voila, instant henna brows! To have darker results, leave the paste on the skin for another 5 minutes.

Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits are long-lasting, medically safe, and convenient. Even if you are pregnant, just simply get your patch test. Getting the perfect brows has never been this easy. Shop your Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits now and enjoy the ultra-best eyebrows every day!

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