Are Henna Brows Safe During Pregnancy?

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Are Henna Brows Safe During Pregnancy?


Many women want to have their eyebrows hennaed yet at the same time, they worry about the safety of undergoing such cosmetic procedures. But the good news is that henna brows can be safe even during pregnancy. To cope with the physical changes, many pregnant women think of undergoing certain beauty procedures such as getting the popular Henna Brows.

This is to feel more attractive without the need to constantly drawing on their faces especially if they have sparse or undefined eyebrows.

Being pregnant would mean added weight with a growing belly which would oftentimes make most women feel uncomfortable with cosmetic procedures. It is important to take note that mental well-being is as important as your physical health. Mental perceptions can have certain effects on both the woman and the baby, so feeling good about yourself shouldn’t be ignored.

A defined set of eyebrows can change the whole look and shape of your face. For several years, well-groomed and full brows have become one of the essential features on a woman’s face, but not everyone is lucky to have a set of perfect brows.

To address the demand of this growing beauty requirement, Angel Eyes offers the Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit at-home experience to make you continuously feel glamorous during your entire pregnancy period if choosing to avoid going to the salon.


Henna Brows on Pregnant Women


Henna Brows on Pregnant Women

Henna products applied to a pregnant woman’s brows are not considered to be a health risk. A study shows that as long as the chemicals are used in low doses, negative health effects won’t show. Just make sure that your skin doesn’t have any abscesses or burns and never apply the product on a newly plucked region of your brows.

Using sanitized equipment such as gloves can also limit your exposure to chemicals.

Exposure to chemicals from beauty products such as henna isn’t a health threat due to the reason that there’s only a very limited absorption. Harmful chemicals are less likely to reach the placenta, so there is an assurance that your choice of beauty procedure such as eyebrow tinting will not have adverse effects on the unborn baby. You can rest assured that Angel Eye’s henna products are completely organic

However, this fact does not guarantee that undergoing the henna brow procedure is going to be 100% risk-free. It’s recommended that you speak with one of our trained staff at Sublime Eyes or using our live chat to answer any concerns you may have. There are other more areas to look into to make sure you’re fully eligible for this beauty treatment that may not be covered in this article.


When To Avoid Using Henna for Brows in Pregnancy

When To Avoid Using Henna for Brows in Pregnancy

Although henna is generally safe to use during pregnancy, there are certain conditions that you have to check before committing to dyeing your eyebrows. Doing so will help you avoid any future hassles both physically and financially.

So when should you avoid applying henna on your brows in pregnancy?

It is much safer not to use henna products if you or your previous child has the following indications:

  • Anemia
  • G6DP Deficiency
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Blood or immune system-related risks

Even if you think you or your previous child does not have any of the above listed medical issues, it is still important to be on the safe side. Visit your doctor and let him know about your plan so he can evaluate your present condition and give you the best advice.

Consulting your doctor about henna is very important so you would avoid experiencing the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Joint pains
  • Cramping
  • Elevated blood pressure

Also, if you have had any reaction to henna, it is much better to avoid getting your eyebrows tinted. Doing so while you are pregnant can lower your immune system which can easily make you feel sick. Continuous henna exposure worsens over time as well.


Which Henna Is Safe To Use for Brows During Pregnancy?


Which Henna Is Safe To Use for Brows During Pregnancy?

I highly suggest that you should be extremely cautious in choosing what product to use for a more luscious set of eyebrows especially if you are pregnant. Several variants of henna are available in the market including the black henna which you should shy away from. The orange with a red or brown tint is much safer for you as this is the color of natural henna.

Black henna is strictly prohibited because it contains a high level of para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that gives out an immediate dark color and which can also trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Normally, natural henna such as the Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit is very safe. Moroccans and Indians have a henna tradition where they even have their pregnant bellies painted with artistic decorations.

If you want to do henna on yourself, the most prescribed period to get your brows hennaed is after the second trimester, because the first 12 weeks is the time when your baby has major growth development.

Be very meticulous about the kind of product you apply on your skin and buy only from reputable brands or sellers such as Angel Eyes. Always check the list of ingredients contained and seek professional advice. Anything that you do to your skin is something that can impact your baby as well.


Precautionary Measures To Take on Applying the Perfect Henna on Brows During Pregnancy

Doing henna brows by yourself should always have precautionary measures to take. Since most dye products emit certain chemicals, that would mean your immune system can be compromised especially that a baby is on the way. You have to be extremely careful on doing the process even if your doctor approves you of getting your henna brows:

  • First, you must do a patch test. Apply a small portion of henna on your skin and see if there would be any reaction.
  • If you are unsure about the process of doing henna brows, you may go to the clinic of your choice so its staff can perform it for you. Angel Eyes provide excellent service on Henna Brows and it is the top choice of most celebrities when it comes to fuller and more defined eyebrows.
  • If done at home, sit comfortably in a well-ventilated room. Use extra pillows to provide support on your legs and arms as henna application usually takes a long time.
  • Ask for assistance if needed. As much as possible, avoid getting stressed during the entire process.
  • If you have experienced any reactions to henna before, it is best to refrain from doing it again during pregnancy.

Always remember that getting henna during pregnancy is generally safe, but it may still pose a risk. Make sure you buy the right product and be doubly-cautious to avoid medical complications.

If necessary, you may choose to avoid indulging yourself in henna procedures until your pregnancy period is over, but in the end, the decision is always on your hands.


The Best and Most Trusted Product for Henna Brows: Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit


The Best and Most Trusted Product for Henna Brows: Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit

What is a much better place to get your eyebrows tinted or get your brow products from than Angel Eyes? This is the perfect place that can provide your expectations when it comes to a full set and exquisite eyebrows! The innovation Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit offers the most practical solution to complete your look.

You can either have your eyebrows tinted at the salon or do it yourself at home. This is more convenient as this lasts for up to two weeks and you only have to apply it once compared to using brow pencils that need daily application. Angel Eyes encourage you to have a less-consuming routine through its newest product.

Angel Eyes Henna Brow Tint boasts of its all-natural components containing zero harmful ingredients. This alone will assure you that it will not damage your natural eyebrow hairs.

This salon is the expert on eyebrows which is why this has become the favorite place of several Hollywood celebrities. Even you can have the same Hollywood experience by getting this product!

Below is a table that shows Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit features to further see what it is about:


Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit
Characteristics Application
1. Has an effective dyeing effect 1. Cleanse your brow with a non-oily cleanser then pat dry.
2. Contains natural ingredients 2. Use an angled brush to scoop enough product.
3. Rich in color 3. Mix at least 2 pumps of replenishing gel or rose water to make the paste.
4. Easy to apply 4. Apply and leave it for 8 to 10 minutes. For darker results, wait for an extra 5 minutes

If you are pregnant, this product may work well for you. You no longer have to spend extra minutes in making sure you have on-fleek eyebrows every morning because Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kit will do all the job which will last for up to 14 days.

To ensure safety, it is still necessary to visit your doctor first. You can perform the patch test under the doctor’s supervision.

If everything works fine for you, then go ahead and have your perfect and long-lasting eyebrow henna! Angel Eyes offers the best quality henna brow product. It is convenient, practical, and affordable.

Place your order today and we will mail your desired henna brow kit right away!

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