Allergic Reactions To Henna Brow Tints, How To Protect Yourself Before Applying

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Allergic Reactions To Henna Brow Tints, How To Protect Yourself Before Applying


Henna brow tints are the latest beauty innovation meant to provide positive transformation for a more radiant and youthful-looking appearance. But what happens if you experience an allergic reaction to a henna brow product? Perhaps the wisest resort is to visit a doctor immediately.

Getting an allergic reaction to henna brows is the last thing anyone like you would ever want. We are talking about two of our most important facial features: The eyebrows and the skin. Any possible damage can be traumatizing! Henna brow products that are widespread in the market often include those that contain higher levels of chemicals that may cause potential harm to the user. It is extremely important to choose one that is from a reputable seller that does not ignore health risks.

If you visit several websites or platforms about henna brow experiences, a number of people share their horrifying experiences from henna brow tints used. Some have had swelling faces with their eyebrows looking sore. The worst part is the healing process that takes around 7 to 14 days after first exposure. To further understand why certain scenarios like this occur in the pursuit of beauty, let us dive into further details about henna brow allergic reactions, the triggers, and how to save yourself and others from experiencing it.


Why Do Allergic Reactions To Henna Occur?


Why Do Allergic Reactions To Semi Permanent Henna Brows Occur?

We understand why henna brows are one of the dream beauty procedures almost everyone would want during these days. Constantly drawing your eyebrows each day first thing in the morning is tiring and the need to retouch it can be annoying. Not only that, but some eyebrow pencils and even brow products applied on the eyebrows look off-putting after a day in the sun. When it gets oily, you can’t just easily grab a tissue to wipe off the sweat because it will also ruin the whole eyebrow look. As an alternative, henna brows became the most practical solution for eyebrows. What henna brow offers can save a huge amount of time, effort, and even money on buying traditional eyebrow product supplies. As a result, many who are interested to indulge start seeking this semi-permanent eyebrow treatment.

The availability of henna brow products in the market is surreal and you can just easily have one on your hands without much exhaustion of looking for it. The same goes with various salons that started offering henna brow services. One mentality that can put anyone at risk is purchasing an experience for a much lesser price. Saving as much as we can is a priority, however, it does not appear to be practical all the time. Products and services that cost too low than usual sound too good to be true, however, several people are fixated only on their expectations or end results and not on the products and the reputation of a service.

Some henna brow products and even services that use cheap henna dye products are sold mainly to gain huge profits, this is when health is put in jeopardy. The ingredients or chemicals contained may be higher compared to what is safer for the health of the general consumers. And because these are sold cheaply and are widely accessible as a service, some people quickly buy these products or pay someone to do it for them. The end result, if not botched eyebrows, would be a hypersensitivity reaction.

This will not be the case however as long as you carefully choose what henna brow product to apply on your eyebrows or who does the beauty procedure for you. If you want the guarantee of getting perfect brows that don’t harm your eyebrows, skin, and overall appearance, Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits are the best option there is,  the Medium Brown Brow Kit is my personal favorite.

If you want the service instead, you can visit Sublime Eyes Salon which offers affordable services and offers. The iconic Hollywood salon has a team of well-trained eyebrow shaping professionals that are masters in permanent makeup creating full and natural-looking henna brows that are not damaging to your health.


What Chemicals Trigger an Allergy To Henna Brows?


What Chemicals Trigger an Allergy To Henna Eyebrow Treatment?

Allergic reaction from henna brows is commonly caused by certain chemicals which, if contained at higher doses, could pose a health risk to the user aside from damaging your brow hairs. Normally, it is the black henna that is advised to watch out for because it contains a high level of paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

PPD is a substance often contained by dye products giving a consistently natural color in a period of time. In the case of henna brows, PPD works and lasts for up to two weeks.  It has been shown that this chemical, when fully oxidized, is not a sensitizer. If partially oxidized, this may trigger allergic dermatitis in sensitive individuals.

It is important to understand, however, that the mere presence of PPD does not automatically mean that it will absolutely harm everyone who does henna brows. PPD only becomes a health risk if its dose on a henna brow product is higher than what is required.

Other chemicals on henna brow products that can trigger reactions include:

  • PPDA
  • 1,4-bensenediamine
  • 1,4-diaminobenzene
  • 4-aminoguanidine
  • 4-phenylenediamine
  • p-phenylenediamine
  • p-diaminobenzene

Not all henna brow products that are sold in the market should be trusted. It’s rather worth investing in beauty products and services from reputable salons such as Sublime Eyes where the staff who will do henna brows on you are experienced and only use products that are organic and safe like the Angel Eyes henna brow kits you can always email us and we will get back to you in a minimum of 24 hours.

When it comes to any form of eyebrow tinting, there are two important things to remember to avoid experiencing health issues: never go for suspiciously cheap products and services. Being wise and particular about what brand should you go for is one huge step in achieving exquisitely natural-looking eyebrows that don’t include an experience of a swelling face.


Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction To Henna Brow Tints

Being knowledgeable of the common henna brow tint allergic reactions and reaction to the smallest tools such as brow pencils can seriously save you from allergic reactions. Being wary of what happens next to your body is extremely necessary for there have been instances of serious medical emergencies.

Within 48 hours, symptoms may manifest if you’re allergic to a henna brow product. These symptoms may include:

  • welts or blisters
  • a burning sensation
  • swollen lips and eyelids
  • occurring red rashes
  • itchiness

In extreme cases, the allergy from henna or tints may trigger anaphylaxis. This is when a henna brow user has a severe allergic reaction to the dye and when exposed, the body is flooded with chemicals from the immune system to respond to the allergy. This leads to anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylactic shock shows the following symptoms:

  • Swelling and burning sensation
  • Rashes
  • Trouble breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Swollen tongue and throat

If these symptoms are showing, it is best to have them treated immediately or call your emergency hotline number. However, if you can help it, avoid letting these happen to yourself or your loved ones who wanted henna brows. Being very particular when it comes to henna brow products is more practically safe than saving a few dollars for cheap ones or services.

If you want an assurance that your henna brows will end up great, visiting Sublime Eyes Salon is a great option. Sublime Eyes staff ensure that your health is the number one priority next to beauty. If it seems that you’re not able to have your henna brows done in the salon, Angel Eyes products are the most manageable when done at home by yourself or by your friend.


Difference Between Sensitivity and Allergy

If someone becomes allergic to a certain henna dye product, it may mean that there is one chemical contained that triggered the allergy rather than the whole product. The levels of chemical substances vary among products so if one substance may risk your health, it is better to look for a better option that does not contain it.  Allergic reactions to regular tinting are not the only possible outcome of certain henna brow products. It can also be that an individual is just sensitive to chemical substances. A sensitivity may show the symptoms of contact dermatitis such as red and dry skin.

A brief summary of the difference between allergy and sensitivity is that sensitivity can be intolerance to chemicals and reaction is triggered by the skin. This is not life-threatening when compared to the former. As for the allergy, the reaction is triggered by the immune system.

How To Treat an Allergic Reaction To Henna Brows

We have to admit that sometimes, learning comes too late when you have a sensitive skin type. When an allergic reaction already occurred because of a poor eyebrow shaping procedure or product, there are a number of immediate methods that need to be done to treat allergic reaction symptoms at home:

  • If you immediately noticed a mild reaction to henna brows, rinse off the henna tint right away with mild soap and warm water.
  • Applying a potassium permanganate solution to your eyebrows helps in oxidizing PPD.
  • If rashes or itching occurs, apply topical corticosteroid skin cream right away. Be careful that this product does not get near your eyes or mouth.
  • Applying hydrogen peroxide can help calm the skin by reducing skin irritation as it is a mild antiseptic.
  • An oral antihistamine may also help in reducing itching and skin inflammation.

It is advised that in every henna brow procedure you undergo, you must be ready with a first aid kit that includes corticosteroids that are available in the forms of creams, eye drops, lotions, pills, and ear drops.

If none of the treatments above help improves your condition, it is best to contact your doctor right away. Moreover, please take note that reaction to certain chemicals typically shows up only after the second usage of the henna brow product.


Tips on How To an Avoid Allergic Reaction To Henna Dye

Anyone can have allergic reactions anytime even if you have already used a henna brow product before. Putting this in mind, this is why a patch test must be done prior to the beauty procedure. If you’re pregnant, you may do this under your doctor’s supervision. Also, if you have experienced a mild reaction before, ditch the henna brow product completely. If it has higher doses of harmful chemicals, once you use it again, your allergic reaction may get more severe.

If you find out that you’re allergic to PPD, that may also mean that you have to avoid other substances as well. Anesthetics such as benzocaine and procaine must be entirely avoided if necessary or let your doctor know about any allergies you have or suspect you already have. When in doubt we recommend always start with a patch test to see how your brow hairs react or if oily skin and sensitive skin types may cause issues.

However, being aware of your possible allergy to certain chemical substances such as PPD is not enough. There are other more ways on how to carefully avoid worst-case scenarios in simple ways. That includes choosing the right product or brand for your henna brow permanent makeup. Reputable brands such as Angel Eyes continue to be the number one trusted product for hennaed eyebrows with long lasting results. This continuously provides excellent results when it comes to long-lasting henna brows that don’t put you at risk of allergic reactions. It is a well-crafted innovation for various eyebrow conditions safe even for pregnant women!


Frequently Asked Questions About Henna Brows


Frequently Asked Questions About Henna Brows

How Long Does It Take Before a Reaction Manifests From Henna Brow Products?

After the first exposure to the product, it takes around 7 to 14 days before an allergic reaction appears on the eyebrow pattern. If an individual is already sensitized to PPD or other triggering chemicals due to earlier exposure, the reaction will develop immediately in the period of 48 hours.

How Common Is an Allergy To PPD?

There is only an estimated 1.5% of the European population is deemed to have the potential to react to PPD. Since not everyone has the potential to develop a chemical allergy to henna brow products, those who do will sooner or later experience an allergic reaction due to continued exposure to triggering substances.

What’s the Best Advice Before Getting Henna Brows?

Always perform a patch test 48 hours before you get your henna brows done. If you’re pregnant, seek professional advice. Lastly, be wary of the products that will be used on your eyebrows. To ensure a safe henna brow procedure, use the guaranteed Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits or visit Sublime Eyes for a professionally done service.

How Do I Perform the Patch Test on My Own?

To perform the patch test, prepare the henna brow paste and apply a tiny dot on the inside of your elbow. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. If 48 hours passed and no allergic reactions showed, then the product is safe to use. When still in doubt, please resort to consulting your doctor.


Henna Brow Kits: The Safest Means To Getting Henna Brows


Henna Brow Kits: The Safest Means To Getting Henna Brows

We understand that your goal of having henna brows is simple: have the best quality set of eyebrows that last for weeks! Nobody wants to have any unnecessary hassles nor have your health at a peril. Allergic reactions are totally avoidable as long as you wisely select the product or service that will provide your dream henna brows.

Opting for organic products is the best option for a safer way of getting your gorgeous set of well-defined eyebrows. Not only that but products where you can fully get the benefits offered is an entirely good sign such as lasting for up to two weeks. That would mean saving time and money from eyebrow pencils and powders that look harsh on the skin.

If these are what you want to go for, your search is totally over! Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits are the number one choice of the majority. For several years, these products continue to provide client expectations.

Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits are very manageable to work with especially if you opt to have your eyebrows hennaed at your home or apartment. It only takes 8 to 10 minutes for application and voila, instantly attractive eyebrows that do not fade easily! It can adjust to your taste as well for if you want it darker, just leave it on for five more minutes.

If you feel more assured in getting your eyebrows beautified at a salon using Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits, you may just go to Sublime Eyes Salon where our team awaits to help you achieve perfectly beautiful eyebrows. They are the expert on this and you’ll surely never regret this decision.

There is a wide range of henna brow kit colors you can choose from that will suit your overall appearance or preferences. Angel Eyes have Dark Brown Brow Kit, Carmel Brow Kit, Natural Black Brow Kit, Medium Brown Brow Kit, and Sienna Brown Henna Brow Kit!

Angel Eyes Henna Brow Kits are simply sophisticating, but never complex to work with in getting semi-permanent eyebrows which you can proudly show off to your friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order now or visit Sublime Eyes for a one-of-a-kind experience with affordable prices and offers!

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